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Tukee Bowl Recap- Super User Submission- Jeff Edgington

ScoreStream is fueled by the very best fans for scores, photos, videos, and now recaps! For our first ever user-submitted article, we couldn’t be happier to have Jeff Edgington cover and recap the Tukee Bowl between Mountain Pointe Pride and Desert Vista Thunder. Jeff has been a super user for the past two years and provides amazing coverage of all the top games in Arizona. You can follow Jeff on our free app and see all of his coverage on his profile here: Jeffrey Edgington.

Desert vista

Tukee Bowl Recap-

By Jeff Edgington

Jack Smith snuck around the edge one yard scoring with just under two minutes remaining and so went the host Thunder’s chancing of halting the skid against Mountain Pointe (6-0). Just like the last three years, bragging rights lay on Knox Road at the younger of the two schools.  Pride roll 28-14 behind an impressive Defense and a 14 point 4TH-quarter surge.

Smith, a Senior, moved in from the Midwest and didn’t know much about the significance of this one.

“They’ve talked about it all week, but Coach Vaughn emphasized it’s just another game. We try to downplay it, but it feels good to get another win.” added Smith with a grin.

The Pride struck first on an 11-yard Marcarius Blount scamper halfway through the opening frame. Desert Vista (5-2) responded quickly when quarterback Nick Thomas found receiver Raymond Figueroa in stride from 57 out.

Tukee bowl

A punt early in the second pinned the Pride deep in Desert Vista territory. Momentum built from there as Blount and Smith would matriculate down the field on a lengthy nine-minute drive. Smith found Ralph Roman from the 6 to give the visitors a 14-7 lead right before the break. After Alex Farina drove the Thunder down to potentially tie it he was intercepted by Kenny Churchwell for the first time turnover of the game.

Desert Vista tied the game late in the third quarter with another long pass, this time Smith hitting Keishaud White for a 35-yard gain that set up Lelon Dillard’s one-yard scoring run.

After that, Desert Vista managed just two first downs and Thomas was intercepted twice in the fourth quarter as Mountain Pointe’s defense took control.

“Turnovers killed us,” Desert Vista coach Dan Hinds said. “We were driving and two picks. We have to clean that up.”

Desert vista fans

Heading to the 4th Quarter tied at 14 the student bodies increased their volume, and the crowd noise brought the entire stadium to their feet. Mountain Pointe kept grinding out first downs behind a massive front line. Blount wore out the clock. One minute into the 4TH Smith found a wide-open Deon Lee, who is usually a linebacker, for the difference and a 21-14 don’t-look-back advantage.

But in the end the defense from the Pride was relentless all evening and it forced 3 Interceptions. 2 of which went to the sophomore Churchwell.

“They’re a good team,” Mountain Pointe coach Norris Vaughan said. “They’re big. They’re physical. But they hurt us on two bombs. We were in man coverage and they beat us. Other than that, I thought we shut them down.”

In a game played by teens and fueled by emotion Mountain Pointe didn’t turn-over the ball, didn’t commit a penalty, and never trailed.  Impressive.


ScoreStream’s Ones To Watch- Zack Pedersen

ScoreStream’s goal with Ones To Watch is to connect the high school sports fans with some of the best, most promising high school athletes in the nation. With a month of football over, ScoreStream wants to give a nod to Bloomington South Panther’s Free Safety Zack Pedersen. Pedersen is a strong Senior presence on South’s 6-0 team.

Leading deep into Conference play, Pedersen has already registered 4 times the national average of passes deflected for free safeties! We wanted to see what drives Pedersen to success, and you can see his interview here!

Want to see Zack Pedersen’s hudl highlights? Click here. You can follow all of Bloomington South’s games on their Road to State in Indiana on the free ScoreStream app and on their page here.


SS– Who would you say contributes the most to you becoming a talented football player?

ZP– I think having good genes is very nice in the skill aspect of how a football player performs. However, I think the coaches that surround me and work with me no doubt have contributed the most to my progression as a player. From my strength coach who creates controlled chaos in the weight room, replicating the hype of a Friday night, and not letting us take any lift off … to my position coach, who happens to be the defensive coordinator. These coaches prepare my team and me the best they possibly could, giving us statistics, probabilities, formations most likely to be run, what they will do against us, and everything in between. With all this information, if studied right, it enables a person to play fast and with confidence. So if the strength and speed built in the weight room and the confidence and quickness from the mental part are combined, it allows me to be as talented as I can take it, and with my coaches’ motivation, will hopefully be very far.

SS– What drill, and please describe it if you can, do you feel right now is at the top of your daily priority list?

ZP– There are many drills during a two hour + practice, but the one I like the most and feel really helps me mentally and physically is the two-minute drill. We had switched it from the end of practice to the beginning, which just adds a lot more hype for that drill, and the drills after. I think it is at the top of my priorities because it incorporates all the smaller fundamental drills that have been worked on for so long. I also rank it high, because at the end of the day, a game is the most important thing throughout the week, and the two-minute drill is the closest thing to that and the excitement that comes along with it. We call it the two-minute drill, yet usually there are about 50 seconds on the clock and the ball may be at midfield or closer. The offense goes at a very high tempo and calls are being yelled out and people are running around like crazy, so it is a very good drill for all the players and coaches to get locked in and ready for the game, in the closest thing to a game situation.

SS– What player has influenced you the most to becoming the player you are today?

ZP– I don’t think I ever really had a player that I said I wanted to be like. I had a few favorite players like John Elway and Peyton Manning, but not a player I said I wanted to be. If I were to say I wanted to be like someone, it would have to be all the humble, honest, and hardworking players. There were a lot of players who I liked and wanted to play like in the sense of working hard, the way they interview, and overall play. However, I don’t think I could pin it down to any one player. I continue to find guys at high levels who stay humble and play hard, and those are the guys I would hope to be like.

SS– Growing up did you ever consider focusing on another sport more than football?

ZP– I started playing football about as early as one could get into a sport, so I have been through about every stage so far. Starting at the of six in flag football, transitioning to tackle ball, then finally heading to the “Friday Night Lights.” I played baseball all the way up until last year, as well as a few years of basketball sprinkled in here and there, but I don’t think it has ever crossed my mind to do anything other than football. I run track currently, and sometimes feel bad for the track coach, because even though I am committed and giving a lot of attention and time to his sport, he knows that football is what I do and if something comes up pertaining to that, football will always take priority.

SS– For the hundred-thousands of other high school football players out there, what is one lift in the weight room that is a must-do in order to set themselves apart from their competitors?

ZP– I am no strength expert, but I feel like the lift any high schooler has to put into his routine is the clean, whether that be power or hang. Bench is very good, but  have seen guys with huge arms and big bench numbers who can’t run or be explosive. Squat is also another great lift, but again I have seen kids with amazing squat numbers, and not be able to move around or explode. A lot of it also depends on form as some kids at lifting competitions squat a lot but can’t bend at all disabling them from moving very well. I do think that clean is the best main lift a person can do for football. It combines an aggressive pull with the arms and shoulders, and explosive jump or shooting of the legs, and a quick and powerful follow through leading into a front squat. I don’t think I have ever seen someone who can’t properly hang clean a good number and not move on the field. It is such an explosive movement that incorporates power and plyometrics. So if I were to start a workout routine, clean will definitely be at the top of my priorities.

SS – What artist and song gets you hyped 100% of the time just before competition? 

ZP– I listen to a variety of songs throughout the day, depending on how I’m feeling or what mindset I want to get into. I have, in a way, developed a routine though. After school whether I go home or stay in the locker room, I will usually listen to some older songs. Old songs as in DMX, old Lil Wayne, old Eminem, or just some football hype songs in general. As it gets closer to game time, though, I like to plug in my phone to the team speaker system and play some hype Christian rap songs. I play artists like Trip Lee, Lecrae, Derek Minor, KB, and Andy Mineo. At first I was thinking that there wasn’t going to be as much hype in the locker room if I played this new type of music, but I don’t think there was any drop off at all when I started playing it, and I think some guys even liked it more. That has encouraged me to play more of that type of music, plus, our coach likes it because he doesn’t have to worry about cussing or stuff of that nature.


Thanks again to Zack Pedersen and all of the high school athletes who dedicate a good amount of time to be successful in their sport!

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  • Partnership Get Started Guide: start here to get set up with ScoreStream and use this as a check list for some awesome ways to start leveraging our platform.
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    • Scoring: how to score on mobile and desktop
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  • Promotion Playbook: some tips on leveraging ScoreStream to be the leader in your market and help us spread the word.
    • Game Coverage Inspiration: examples of awesome ways our partners are using ScoreStream
    • Promo Maker: a tutorial just on using on Promo Maker tool which creates a Game Matchup Graphic you can attach to tweets. This has been proven to increase twitter engagement!
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  • Game Venues: how to add or edit the various game locations. Get as specific as the gym for basketball or field for football


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Media partners can find everything they need under the “My Widgets” and “Tools” links on the navigation bar:



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Tip:  Anytime you make a change to an existing widget, be sure to click “update widget” to save and implement your changes.

To create a new widget (e.g., for a new sport, squad, etc.), click “Create a Widget”.  Click here for a refresher on how to create a new widget.



The tools section is where you’ll find the useful tools for media companies:


Schedule Games

You can access the GameScheduler here to add schedules that aren’t already there.  Check out the GameScheduler tutorial for more on this.

Manage Games

You can get to the GameManager here – an awesome tool to manage all the games and monitor the scores that are flowing into your online Scoreboard Widget.  Check out the GameManager tutorial for details on how to utilize this tool.

Create a Promotional Graphic

If you haven’t seen this feature yet, be sure to check it out.  We have a graphic maker tool that lets you create an awesome looking graphic to add to your Twitter or Facebook posts.  The graphic can be a promotional tool to announce upcoming games or post a final score.  This custom graphic allows you to stand out from the crowd and is more likely to get re-posted or replied to!  Check out our Promotion Playbook for more tips like this.

Create Team Leagues

Use this tool for independent leagues, travel teams, etc that are not part of a traditional high school or collegiate league.


We hope that the dashboard will make it easier for you to navigate ScoreStream and access the tools you need.

As always, we’re here to help so contact us if you have any questions at all!


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ScoreStream’s Ones To Watch- Mahkai Lee

ScoreStream’s goal with Ones To Watch is to connect the high school sports fans with some of the best, most promising high school athletes in the nation. In our inaugural edition we have interviewed Mahkai Lee. Mahkai is an incoming junior at DuPont High School in Wilmington, DE. An athletic cornerback that had a stellar sophomore season; he started 6 games and averaged 4.3 tackles per game. You can follow Mahkai on Twitter @leeisland_ and check out his highlights from last season on hudl. Follow DuPont High School on ScoreStream.


SS– How long have you been playing football and what got you interested in playing?

ML– I’ve been playing football ever since I was 5, and I got so interested in playing football because my father talked about his favorite team the “New York Jets” all the time and it got me interested in the game, and I wanted to play it.
SS– What or who would you say contributes most to you becoming a talented football player?
ML– My father and my extended family Nolimit Hurricanes Organization and Team Delaware coached by Damon Daniels and Bo Hunter.
SS– What player has most influenced the player you are?
ML– Darrelle Revis because he came from a town just like Delaware and he wasn’t the highest recruit in the nation and his play style remind me of my own, I always loved him and looked up to him and learned new things from him. 
SS– Growing up, did you always want to be a CB or was there another position you wanted to play more?
ML– Growing up I always knew I wanted to play CB that was the first position a coach ever started me at and I already had a long body type that could go against a lot of receivers so  I fell in love with it and just kept excelling at the position.
SS– You’re a Tiger! If you got to choose your school mascot, what would it be?
ML– If I could choose any mascot it would have to be a lion just because they don’t fear anyone and they never give up and I always consider myself “lion hearted”. 
SS– The say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Are you an eggs or pancake sort of guy?
ML– I’m most definitely a pancake type of person I absolutely love pancakes and they never fail to fill me up. 

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Welcome to the ScoreStream Promotional Playbook! We are excited to have you on board as our partner and we want to ensure you get the most out of this partnership.

Since all of our data comes from the crowd, we are always looking to get more fans in the stands inputting scores, photos and videos. The more we get, the more you get! Here, you’ll find ideas and examples we’ve collected from some of our awesome partners for ways to get more of your local community involved.

In This Blog Post…


About ScoreStream

ScoreStream crowdsources local sports in real-time.  Our mobile app allows fans and partners to post scores, photos and video and to engage in real-time conversations with other fans.   Our desktop suite of tools empower our partners to schedule games in advance, create online scoreboard widgets and monitor and update scores in real time.

By promoting ScoreStream to fans in your market, you can help generate more, better and faster content for your online, on-air and mobile offerings. This guide will provide you with tips for utilizing and promoting the ScoreStream platform to optimize your content and engage with your audience.

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  • WidgetCreator: create your online scoreboard widget.
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Get fans engaged and get more scores, photos and video!  Promote the ScoreStream mobile app to your audience. The games scored by the fans will be optimized for accuracy by ScoreStream and fed directly to your scoreboard widget in real time.


  • Place your scoreboard widget in a prime location that makes sense for those coming to your website for high school sports scores.
  • You can put a scoreboard widget in as many places as you want. For example, you may want to a run scoreboard on your homepage on Friday nights, as well as on your sports section every day.
  • Have a call-to-action to download the ScoreStream app. Reminding fans to enter scores, photos and videos into ScoreStream will enrich the content on your scoreboard and website.
        • Example: “We need your help covering your favorite teams! Download ScoreStream for realtime high school sports scores, photos, video and more. Check out the ScoreStream mobile app tutorial HERE
        • Example: “We’re teaming up with ScoreStream to provide high school sports scores in real-time. Download the ScoreStream app now and start following your favorite teams. Use the app during football games to follow all the action and join in by posting scores, photos, video and chat with other fans and rivals!”


  • Use blogs, articles, and other feature spaces to highlight ScoreStream on big game days
      • Blog Idea: write up a recap of a game and link to the ScoreStream team page for a complete recap of the game including all scores posts and photos/ video sent using ScoreStream.

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Social Media

There are many ways to help engage more fans through social media. We’ve compiled some tips to help you increase interaction with your followers.

  • Post in the App: ScoreStream is where fans go to post scores and discuss games. You can post in the app within team pages in your market to engage with your community.
    • Example: “Tune in to [enter call letters] at 6:00 PM for a full Friday Night Lights recap including your Katy Tigers!”
    • Click here to see more examples of partners that are doing an awesome job of this!
  • Post from the App: You can post to Twitter and Facebook direct from the app. See our mobile app tutorial if you need some pointers on using the app. Pre-load your hashtag to accompany every post.
  • Photos and Video: Use our app to make your photos and videos awesome! ScoreStream has photo filters and customizable scoreboard overlays that you can create in the app and publish to your social media sites. You can leverage our photo and video walls to find geo-filtered photos and videos from your area and put them on your website, link to social media, etc.  Our mobile app tutorial has more information on the photo and video tools.



  • Follow us and tag @ScoreStream in your updates so we can help share your content.
  • Pre-load your hashtag for all tweets from the ScoreStream app.
  • “@mention” team names, athletes, coaches, etc. This makes it easier for them to retweet / favorite your content.
  • Use our photo and video features to make your photos look great with a score overlay. Attach these to your tweets to rise above the noise.
  • Remind your followers to download the ScoreStream app for real-time scores and to add their own scores:

1-Screen-Shot-2015-08-17-at-8.44.37-AM-300x284  Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 9.08.25 AM

  • More Examples:
    • Find, share scores and post pics & video with [enter handle] & @ScoreStream. Download the app today!
    • Going to be at the games this HS football season? Help us w/ scores by using the free @scorestream app!
    • Download the @ScoreStream app and get in on the action – help score your team’s game! #prepzonehoops


  • Make sure you’ve liked the ScoreStream page and that we’ve liked you back.
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  • Facebook posts may include more information than tweets, so consider posting pre-game previews and post-game recap posts on Facebook.

Promo Maker

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2-trypromomakerClick on it and you will see options for creating your own graphic that you can attach to a Twitter, Facebook or put on your website.


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Email & Email Blasts

Tell your network about us! Sports are realtime, fans want updates realtime, ScoreStream allows you to cover games live, so make sure your viewers know this.

Example 1 (generic): “We’re teaming up with ScoreStream to provide high school sports scores in realtime. Download the ScoreStream app now and start following your favorite teams. Use the app during football games to follow all the action and join in by posting scores, photos, video and chat with other fans and rivals!”

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On-Air Promotion

We can integrate with your on-air graphics solutions like Newsroom Solutions, Chyron, or Vizrt. Please contact us if you are interested in getting this set up.

And check out our 15 second spot – please let us know if you are interested in airing this! CLICK HERE to download.

On-Air Call Out Examples

    • Check out our ScoreStream real-time, high school scoreboard, driven by you the fans! Download the free ScoreStream app now and post live scoring updates right from the stands. Plus, check out live scores from all the games that matter to you, share photos, videos, chat, “cheer” and more. Help make [STATION NAME] your home for real-time high school scores with ScoreStream. Check out for more!
    • Get in the game with ScoreStream’s real-time, high school scoreboard, driven by you the fans! Download the free ScoreStream app and post live scores, photos and video right from the stands.
    • Make your voice heard! Download the free ScoreStream app and post your team’s score to our real-time scoreboard.

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ScoreStream Assets

Questions? We’re here to help!

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ScoreStream Tutorial – Mobile App

With the ScoreStream mobile app, fans and media can see and post real-time scores, photos, video and more from high school and local sporting events.

apple-logo-black droid-logo-black
Download the App

Once you’ve downloaded the app, open it and create a login by pressing “Sign In.”  If you already have a login through the website, use that login.

If not, Facebook is the easiest option, or you can create a separate ScoreStream account using your email.

app- create login

When you login, it will ask you to add teams from your location. To filter your search you can choose options from the left of your screen. Then just click the teams to add them to your list.


Once you click “Done. Let’s go!”, you will see “Featured Games” showing games in your area.  Once you start following teams, this screen will show recent and upcoming games of the teams you follow first, and then games from other teams in your area.

Now it’s time to start customizing.  Press the menu icon in the top right corner (top left for Andorid) to get started on the main menu page.

app-featured circle


Find & Follow Teams

Following teams allows you to stay up to date on the teams you care about most.  Sure, your team is winning, but what about your rival?

To find teams, press the menu and select “Find Games & Teams”.

Tip:  You can also find games and teams by pressing the search icon on the “Featured Games” page. 


Tips:  Type the most distinct word in a team’s name.  For example, for “St. John Bosco” type “Bosco” rather than “St.”

For common school names like North, South, Central, Washington, Jefferson, etc., type the school name first, followed by the mascot.

Once you find your team, press that team and then press “Follow Team” on the team page.  That team will now appear under “My Teams” on the main menu screen and that team’s recent and upcoming games will appear on the “Featured Games” page.

On a team page, you can see a list of recent and upcoming games, complete with scores, photos and video.  The list of games defaults to all sports, but you can sort by a specific sport by clicking on the icons:

app-findgames sports

Find a Game

Find the game you want on the Team Page and press it.  From the game page, you can see and post scores, photos and video in real-time. Also if you click the “More” icon you can add either of the teams to your list that are playing.

Tip: Support your team by pressing the “Cheer” icon – as many times as you want!

Add a Game

If you can’t find the game you are looking for, you can add it yourself.  From the menu, select “Add a Game”.  Then select the sport, the Home Team and the Away Team.  Enter the appropriate date and time and you’re all set.  The game you added will now appear in “Featured Games” and under the “MY GAMES” heading on the main menu page.

addagame   app-pick sport

app-new game

Post Scores, Photos, Video and Chat

You can create and post scores, commentary, photos and video on ScoreStream.  There are photo tools that allow you to upload an existing photo or video, take a new one, apply filters, add a real-time scoreboard graphic and add commentary and hashtags.  Your posts will always be shared on ScoreStream and can also be shared on Twitter, Facebook, or via text message.  Anyone else can reply to your posts.  In any game, you can scroll to see more posts by others – you can reply or “Cheer” any of these as well!  We’ll take you through how each of these features work.

Post a Score

The game page shows you the real-time score of the game and any posts from other fans.  The scoreboard is interactive.  Just press the score of the team you want to update and a sport-specific template will pop-up.


app-score a game

Use the template to update the score, then press the “x” in the upper right hand corner of the template when you are done.  It’s that simple.

Tip:  If you make a mistake, no worries.  Just press the scoreboard again and enter the correct score.

Note: We rely on you to enter accurate scores.  We compare your score to others in real-time before updating the app and our online scoreboards.  If you enter an inaccurate score, you will see it but no one else will!  The more accurate your scores, the more often others will see them.

When you update a score, be sure to also update the quarter, period or inning by pressing the button between the two scores.

Post a Photo

To post a photo, press the “Camera” on a game page.  Choose the team you’re rooting for, indicate whether you are at the game and then press Continue.


Now take a photo or select one from your gallery!  Your most recent gallery photo will appear in the lower left corner of the camera screen. New photos taken from within the app will save to your gallery and you can post them at any time.

Choose the photo you want to post – the make it look like a pro’s!  You can change the aspect ratio size, apply a filter, and use and best of all, select a scoreboard overlay.

Below the photo, you will see a variety of scoreboard overlay options, complete with teams and up-to-the second scores! You can move the scoreboard around anywhere on the photo.



Then press “Done”.  Now add some smack talk and post-away.  Your post will be seen in the ScoreStream app and on  You can also post to Facebook and Twitter by pressing their icons before you post.


Auto-Score Text Generator: If you choose to post to twitter, ScoreStream will generate the score for you (so you can focus on your smack talk).  As you type, ScoreStream will shrink or grow your score update to fit your available space.   You can also include the Game URL to link back to the game page.  If you do not want this, just hit the X to remove it.

Start typing your update – you will see the Score Text Generator at work while you type:


Add a hashtag: Click on the hashtag (#) icon and load in any hashtags you want to use or you commonly use.  These hashtags will get saved so you can quickly select from your saved hashtags for any post within this game. Simply hit the X next to the hashtag if you want to delete a hashtag from your post.


Tip: the QuickPost feature automatically creates a post that includes just the score of the game. This can post to ScoreStream, Twitter or Facebook and can be sent in via text message. Your ScoreStream account must be linked to your social networks for this feature to work.  To turn on this feature, press “post” then twitter to connect your account.

Post a Video

Ready to go viral?  ScoreStream now supports video!   To post a video, you’ll follow similar steps as photos.  First Click on the Camera icon. The camera defaults to photo, so click on “VIDEO” to switch to video mode.  Hit the camera button and it will start recording.  Hit the camera button again when you are done. The video will save in your gallery.  Just as with photos, take as many videos as you want.  When you’re ready to post, click on the gallery and select the video you want to post.

Tip: videos must be at least 4 seconds long to post and a maximum of 30 seconds.

Once you select a video, you will be taken to an editing page where you can select the start and end time of the video and choose a scoreboard.

As you can see, there’s a lot that you can do within the app and we’ve highlighted a number of those features in this tutorial.  The best way to learn about the app is to start using it – so download it today and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Conversations & Chat

As you can see, ScoreStream has many options and features when posting.  Just as you will be posting in the app, so will many other fans (and rivals!).  You can reply to any message by hitting reply on any post. This is a great way to engage with other fans, rivals and your community.

Still have questions? We’re here to help! Please contact:


Cal Ripken World Series U12 Live Scoreboard

The Cal Ripken World Series U12 tournament is here! Our friends Tom Peace (@PeaceLacrosse) and (@SFMsportsnet) will be covering the action all week. You can follow the scores here and on the free ScoreStream app!

If you’re a fan at the game, make sure you share pictures on the app for fans who can’t be there!



Want to follow high school and club sports in real-time? Download the ScoreStream app for free here: Itunes or Google Play

ScoreStream Tutorial – WidgetManager: Update Your Widget

WidgetManager allows you to update any of your existing scoreboard widgets at any time.

Want to add or delete teams or sports?  Change colors, add a sponsor name or switch to box scores?  No problem.

Follow the steps below and check out some examples here for inspiration!

STEP ONE: Login and go to WidgetManager

Login to and click on “My Widgets” or go to  There you will see a list of your current widgets, plus a link to create new widgets

Tip:  Don’t see your widgets listed?  Send us a note at and we’ll add them right way.

Tip:  Don’t have an account?  Create one now at, send us your username to and we’ll permission you for WidgetManager and more.


STEP TWO: Choose the widget you want to update

Just click the “Update” button next to the widget you want to update.  This will take you to the “Update Your Widget” page:


STEP THREE:  Edit Your Teams

You will see a list of the current teams in your widget on the right.  Scroll down to see the full list.   Are these the teams you want to cover?  Want to delete teams?  Just scroll through the list, find the school you want to delete, click the “x” to the right.

Want to add teams?  Click on the “Type to Search” tab, apply the relevant filters, start typing the school’s name and the platform will auto-suggest matches.


Tips:  First, be sure to apply your state filter to reduce your auto-suggested options.  Second, start typing the most distinct word in a school’s name.  For “St. John Bosco ”, just start typing “Bosco” rather than “St.”

STEP FOUR: Edit  Sports & Squads

Choose the sports and squads you want to cover.  Squads and sports will be clearly labeled on your board, or go to you can delete sports to make your widget a single sport widget.


STEP FIVE: Edit the look and feel

You can change the look and feel of your widget by experimenting with the customization options.  All of your changes will appear automatically in the Widget Preview feature.


STEP SIX: Finalize & Update to Your Website

When you’ve made the changes you want,  just click the “Update Widget” button.  Any updates to your widget will automatically on appear your site without having to re-deploy the iframe code.


Still have questions? We’re here to help!