California State Games Rugby Scoreboards

It is California State Games time! Follow all of the rugby action live on the scoreboards here.

Boys U18 Competitive

Boys U18 Novice

Girls U18 Competitive

U16 Competitive

U14 Competitive

U14 Novice

U12 Competitive

U12 Novice



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ScoreStream Tutorial – GameScheduler: Schedule Games in Advance

GameScheduler allows you to schedule games in advance that will appear as upcoming games on your Scoreboard Widget.widgetcreator-upcoming schedules

Tip: A game does not need to be scheduled in advance for you to receive a score. ScoreStream auto-creates games when scores are posted  from fans in the stands.

Tip: For major sports like football, you may find that your games have already been scheduled. Before scheduling  games, check your Scoreboard Widget for upcoming games and/or search for games in GameManager. If a game has already been scheduled, you will receive this notification so that duplicates are not created.

game scheduler-game already exists

Make sure you have created a username with ScoreStream so we can give you permission to access the GameScheduler.  If you’ve not already created a Scoreboard Widget, check out WidgetCreator Tutorial.


Login in at

Go to “Tools” and click on “Schedule Games” or go to:

game scheduler-time zonesSTEP TWO: Choose your sport and set the game time

Choose your sport and select the quarters/ halves/ innings from the drop down.

Next, enter Game Time. Be sure to enter the precise date, time and time zone. Be sure the time zone corresponds with where the game is being played. The time will be adjusted on the scoreboard and website to show the correct time based on where the user is viewing it from.

game scheduler-time zone

STEP THREE: Add the teams & squads

Add the Away Team and then the Home Team by simply typing the school names into the respective boxes.

Tips:  Be sure to apply your state filter to reduce your auto-suggested options. Also note that the filter defaults to High School, so adjust this if needed. 

game scheduler-filter expanededPick the squad (e.g. Boys High School Varsity).

Click the “Schedule Game” button and your game will now be scheduled and added to your Scoreboard Widget.

The games you create will also appear below the scheduling fields for ease of reference.

game scheduler-scheduld game

Now that your game is scheduled, head on over to the GameManager tool and get ready to enter scores for the game. If you need a reminder about how to use the GameManager, take a look at our GameManager tutorial.

Remember, you can always score games right from your mobile device if you don’t have access to the GameManager.

Still have questions? We’re here to help!

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ScoreStream Tutorial – GameManager: Score and Manage Games

GameManager is a powerful workflow tool that allows you to find, follow, edit and score games in real time from your desktop.

Make sure you have created a username with ScoreStream and that we’ve given you permission to access the GameManager. If not, email us your username at

If you’ve not already created a Scoreboard Widget, check out the WidgetCreator Tutorial.


Login in at

Go to “Tools” and click on “Manage Games” or go to:

STEP TWO: Search for games

The first thing you want to do is search for the games in your market. On the first page, you will see your filter options. For this example, select “Search by State”.

gameManager-search for games

Set the date to your desired date range and choose the sport. For Game Status: choose “all games”. The results will populate below.

Tip: once you’ve deployed your Scoreboard Widget on your site, you can filter games in GameScheduler by your Scoreboard Widget ID number to see only the games on your widget. 


STEP THREE: Follow and Score Games

From here, you can follow games in real time as well as edit and update scores. You will see that most of scores will be accurate and up to date. If you see a score that needs to be updated, just click on the game, enter the score and click “+Add Score”.


Tip: Be sure to send us your username so that we can give your scores a high confidence rating, effectively overriding the fans in the stands.

All of the scores you see, input and edit on GameManager will flow directly to your online widget, on-air ticker and mobile app if applicable, so you will never have to enter a score more than once!


In case you missed it, check out our GameScheduler tutorial. GameScheduler allows you to schedule games in advance that will appear on your scoreboard as upcoming games.

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ScoreStream Tutorial – WidgetCreator: Create Your Own Scoreboard

The Scoreboard WidgetCreator allows you to create customized scoreboards for your website that contain real time scores for all the games in your market.

Creating your own ScoreStream Scoreboard Widget is fast and easy. Follow the steps below and check out some examples here for inspiration!

STEP ONE: Create an account

First, create a free account at

Login using your username password.

Click on “My Widgets” or go directly to the WidgetManager at

STEP TWO: Choose the scoreboard layout

You may create either a banner and/or vertical scoreboards. All widgets are responsive and will adjust to fit any allotted space.

Tip:  Banner scoreboard widgets are optimized for a minimum of 70 pixels high, while vertical widgets are optimized for a minimum of 150 pixels wide.

Choose the banner scoreboard widget.

widgetCreator-banner options2STEP THREE: Select Teams

After you choose the banner style, you will be taken to a page to pick your teams. You can pick teams by searching for the school name, searching by state or using the map.


Use the Map to Select Teams: The easiest way to add teams is by clicking on the “Use Map” link under “Select Teams”.


Then drag the pin to the center of your market, expand the radius to your coverage area and click “Add Teams”. Every school in the radius will be automatically added to your scoreboard.


Tip:  You can easily delete schools from the list if, for example, they are not major participants in the sports you want to cover.

OR Manually Enter Teams – To manually enter teams, click on “Type to Search”, apply the relevant filters, start typing the school’s name and the platform will auto-suggest matches.


Tips:  First, be sure to apply your state filter to reduce your auto-suggested options. Second, start typing the most distinct word in a school’s name. For “St. John Bosco ”, just start typing “Bosco” rather than “St.”

 STEP FOUR: Choose Sports & Squads

Choose the sports and squads you want to cover. Squads and sports will be clearly labeled on your board, or you can create multiple boards for different squads, sports or gender.

widgetCreator-squadsSTEP FIVE: Customize the look and feel

You can customize the look and feel of your widget by experimenting with the customization options.

widgetCreator-customizeScroll down to the “Widget Preview” to see how each option changes the look and feel of your widget.

widget gimpedSTEP SIX: Finalize & Add to Your Website

When you’ve found the look you want, just name your widget so you can easily find it again from the WidgetManager. Remember: you can always go back and update your widget at any time if you want to make changes.

widgetCreator-widgetdetails… click the “Make Your Widget” button and then copy and paste your custom iframe code to the desired location(s) on your site.

widgetCreator-html iframe

Next try out the vertical scoreboard creator, which offers even more customization options, such as colors and titles:


Want to make a change?
No problem. Just log in, head back to the WidgetManager, select the widget you want to change and make your changes. Those changes will automatically appear on your site without having to re-deploy the code.

Feel free to create, edit, deploy and test as many widgets as you want. You determine where and when each widget appears on your site. Put them up, take them down or move them around however you see fit.

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Stars rivals NFL Draft- Crunching the Numbers

Stars! Ratings! Scouting! Representatives!

The sporting world is filled with ranking systems, scouts and reps telling you who the best players are. Rankings given to prep athletes. These rankings are sometimes given as young as junior high and stay with the athlete while they are growing up. While these rankings and opinions change, there is always going to be an end ranking. A star value given to that player after they leave college to pursue their NFL dreams. is well known for their in-depth scouting and analysis of high school and college athletes.  As stated in the article:

For the third straight year, publisher Geoff Ketchum found himself logging the entire NFL Draft, pick by pick, with the purpose of better understanding what’s working and what’s not working as it relates to developing players at the collegiate level.”

Geoff, along with many others, are tracking to see trends, and are bringing an answer to the long asked question: “Do 5-stars get drafted more than 2-stars?” Any sports fan will love to see the results!

Check out the full analysis here!


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***Cover photo in the article from

USA today Jameis

USA Today ’15 NFL Draft ALL-USA Recaps

In 2012 Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin made noise in the NFL draft on who would go first. After the Colts stayed with the number one pick and took Luck, the Washington Redskins made a blockbuster trade to move up and take Griffin. This marked the last time two quarterbacks were taken in the first two picks, until now!

While there was some conversation on who the top picks would be, the a former American Family Insurance ALL-USA First Team member in Jameis Winston got that honor going to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers! Belonging to the Titans, the second pick was Marcus Mariota. While much remains to be seen from these two players, one thing the 2012 draft taught, this could change the course of the franchise for many years to come!

While Winston may have taken the attention by being selected first overall, the American Family Insurance ALL-USA alumni weren’t finished! Five more alumni were selected in the first round alone!

It’s exciting to see high school stars bloom into top NFL picks and USA Today takes a look at all of the American Family Insurance ALL-USA alumni who were drafted in this 2015 NFL draft! Check out the full list and breakdown here!


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**Cover photo credit to USA Today.


Derrick Jones’ perfect BallisLife Dunks

It was dubbed as the future Kentucky University feature game, however the biggest highlight from this weekend’s BallisLife All-American games came from a UNLV commit.

Posting a perfect 50 score for each of his three dunks, UNLV commit Derrick Jones dropped jaws and brought the crowd to their feet during the entire dunk contest.

A slight to his lack of invite to the McDonald’s All-American Game, Jones’ stated he has no doubt he would have won there too. “I don’t lose too many dunk contests. It’s what I do,” Jones said. He’s right. Just a month ago he was putting up perfect scores and blowing away fans at the American Family Insurance contest where he dunked over four people!

To read the full recap and see Derrick Jones’ dunks, check out Kami Mattioli’s article on Sporting News here.

You can Derrick’s ESPN 100 rank and full scout grade by going to his ESPN recruiting profile here.

Derrick Jones’ resume goes much further than his dunking abilities. He led a powerhouse Archbishop Carroll team that was ranked inside the USA Super 25 Basketball rankings most of the season. They lost a heartbreaking game in the AAA State finals to Neumann Goretti. For a ScoreStream game recap, you can check it out on our free app or go here.

Get excited college basketball fans, Derrick Jones will be putting up Top 10 plays all next season for you!


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National HS Football/VYPE Pre-Preseason Top 25 Watch List


It has been nearly a month since Dallas Jackson, owner of National HS Football and partner with VYPE, released his Pre-Preseason Top 25 Watch List, and with Spring camp circuit and 7 on 7’s starting, we felt it was a good time to bring this list back up!

The ScoreStream National 25 season end #1 Bishop Gorman leads the Top 25 Watch list, and with a young, highly touted QB in Tate Martell leading the team it is hard to see them moving outside of the top 5 all season!

“The HSFB100 Preseason release schedule will follow the normal pattern of seeing the spring camp circuit and the summer 7 on 7 sessions before the official countdown starts at the end of July but it is all but a lock that these teams will make an appearance in the upper half.

An initial Top 10 has a decidedly West Coast feel as five of the Top 10 teams are in the Pacific Time Zone with the top two positions being Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas, NV) and De La Salle (Concord, CA).”

Click here to see the other teams Dallas Jackson has on his Top 25 Watch List with a full analysis of what to watch.


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USA today

USA Today Super 25 Baseball Scoreboard 4-8

In partnership with USA Today High School Sports, ScoreStream presents the Super 25 boy’s high school baseball rankings and scoreboard!

“The Super 25 Expert Rankings are compiled by USA TODAY Sports’ Jim Halley, based on results, quality of players and strength of schedule. Rankings are through Tuesday’s results.”

For the full Super 25 rankings breakdown, click here!

For the USA Today Super 25 scoreboards, click here!

Rank Prev. USA Today Super 25
1 1 Olympia Orlando, FL
2 4 San Clemente San Clemente. CA
3 3 Bishop Gorman Las Vegas, NV
4 2 JSerra San Juan Capistrano, CA
5 9 Sulphur Sulphur, LA
6 26 Pleasant Grove Pleasant Grove, UT
7 27 St. Rita Chicago, IL
8 8 Park Vista Community Lake Worth, FL
9 12 Pearland Pearland, TX
10 6 Alexander Laredo, TX
11 14 College Park Pleasant Hill, CA
12 15 Hamilton Chandler, AZ
13 16 Parkview Liburn, GA
14 17 Walsh Jesuit Cuyahoga Falls, OH
15 20 Farragut Knoxville, TN
16 21 Boca Raton Boca Raton, FL
17 30 McCracken County Paducah, KY
18 NR San Dimas San Dimas, CA
19 13 Archbishop Moeller Cincinnati, OH
20 NR Liberty Christian Academy Lynchburg, VA
21 7 Dana Hills Dana Point, CA
22 39 Providence Charlotte, NC
23 NR Mountain Brook Birmingham, AL
24 NR Staley Kansas City, MO
25 45 Onate Las Cruces, NM


USA Today

American Family Insurance All-USA Basketball Team via USA Today

Ben Simmons of Montverde Academy not only led his team to one of the top rankings in the country, but he also set himself apart as the Player Of The Year!

USA Today Sport’s Jim Halley gives us the rest of the All-USA First, Second, and Third team selections after his deep analysis with coaches and recruiting analysts. To see the players that earned this great honor, click here.

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