ScoreStream Tutorial: Getting Ready for Game Day

The most successful General Managers are the ones that act as the best champion and evangelist for their team.  They rally other fans to show their team spirit and chat in games, they provide comprehensive play-by-plays and keep the score accurate and up to date during games they attend.  Here are some tips and examples of things Super GMs are doing on game day!


Before Game Day

Game Time & Location: Is the game time and venue correct? If not, change it! Once you make the change, followers of your team will be notified.

Pre-Game Posts: post in the game the week of to get people excited and keep them in the loop with anything they need to know. Is there a pep really? A spirit night? Parking information? Make sure you utilize ScoreStream as a way to communicate to your team’s fans.

Cheer Battle: did you know you can hit that cheer button as many times as you want? Start cheering for your team and get others to cheer as well!

Game Promotion: use our Promo Maker to create a game match up card. You can tweet it out on your account, your school or team’s account, or even in the game!

On Game Day

Bring the Spirit: rally your team! Get them excited and participating in the game conversation!

Interviews: record a pre-game video, half-time interviewpost game interview or post game wrap up with some of the athletes, coaches or fans.

Score: keep the score updated and encourage other fans to help out.

Play-by-Plays: for all the fans who aren’t able to be there, keep them updated with play-by-play updates or details about interesting plays.

Photos & Videos: everyone loves visuals. Post lots of photos and videos!

Rally Fans: get all the other fans to do all these things too! Find other fans and team advocates who want to contribute to game coverage. Remind them that the best photos and videos may get highlighted on our media partners‘ news websites. Put your team on the map!


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Stars! Ratings! Scouting! Representatives!

The sporting world is filled with ranking systems, scouts and reps telling you who the best players are. Rankings given to prep athletes. These rankings are sometimes given as young as junior high and stay with the athlete while they are growing up. While these rankings and opinions change, there is always going to be an end ranking. A star value given to that player after they leave college to pursue their NFL dreams. is well known for their in-depth scouting and analysis of high school and college athletes.  As stated in the article:

For the third straight year, publisher Geoff Ketchum found himself logging the entire NFL Draft, pick by pick, with the purpose of better understanding what’s working and what’s not working as it relates to developing players at the collegiate level.”

Geoff, along with many others, are tracking to see trends, and are bringing an answer to the long asked question: “Do 5-stars get drafted more than 2-stars?” Any sports fan will love to see the results!

Check out the full analysis here!


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***Cover photo in the article from

National HS Football/VYPE Pre-Preseason Top 25 Watch List


It has been nearly a month since Dallas Jackson, owner of National HS Football and partner with VYPE, released his Pre-Preseason Top 25 Watch List, and with Spring camp circuit and 7 on 7’s starting, we felt it was a good time to bring this list back up!

The ScoreStream National 25 season end #1 Bishop Gorman leads the Top 25 Watch list, and with a young, highly touted QB in Tate Martell leading the team it is hard to see them moving outside of the top 5 all season!

“The HSFB100 Preseason release schedule will follow the normal pattern of seeing the spring camp circuit and the summer 7 on 7 sessions before the official countdown starts at the end of July but it is all but a lock that these teams will make an appearance in the upper half.

An initial Top 10 has a decidedly West Coast feel as five of the Top 10 teams are in the Pacific Time Zone with the top two positions being Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas, NV) and De La Salle (Concord, CA).”

Click here to see the other teams Dallas Jackson has on his Top 25 Watch List with a full analysis of what to watch.


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National Signing Day for the 2015 high school football class is less than a month a way. With teams making a push to get the top prospects, our friends at take a close look at the top uncommitted candidates from each region!

Where these players land will shape the landscape for college football’s incoming classes. Find out who Rivals is most excited about seeing where they land here!

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The Under Armour All-American Game last week gave many colleges an opportunity to look closer at their incoming prospects. While players like Byron Cowart, Damien Harris, and Iman Marshall have been touted by ScoreStream and others all season, who else did think showed they will have instant impact in college?

Go here o see the Instant Impact list!

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2014 American Family Insurance All-USA State Football Teams

All-Star games are happening all over the country, but the season is over! Our friends at USA Today went through all of last season and broke down the 2014 American Family Insurance All-USA State football teams! Want to see who represented your state best on a national level? Then you have to check this out!

These players will be tomorrow’s college and professional stars, so remember their names now!

To see who was honored in your state, click here.

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WGNO Voodoo Athlete of the Week- Kendall Bussey

Nebraska has to be excited to see there star running back recruit, Kendall Bussey (@KBJ_5) from Newman high school, dominating New Orleans area football. He did more than dominate against Riverdale, he ran the game with three rushing touchdowns, one receiving TD, and one kickoff return TD leading Newman to a 56-33 win. You can see the game recap here!

See the rest of the article and WGNO’s highlights here!

As part of our effort to ensure users have the best high school sports coverage, we are sharing articles from the media partners who use ScoreStream for their local youth sports coverage. Make sure to follow WGNO- an ABC company (Twitter- @WGNOtv) as they provide the most in-depth, exciting coverage for New Orleans area and Louisiana high school football.

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The Top User Submitted Images- October 13-19

Another great week of high school sports images. Make sure you submit your team’s photos on our ScoreStream app so we can promote your team and fans! Leave us comments on which is your favorite high school and youth sports image.

1. There’s not a more amazing site than the sun setting as the Legacy Tigers and the Migue Contreras Cobras prepared for Friday Night Lights! (Game recap here.) Photo from user Tigerfootball45.

Legacy 10-24


2. The Soldotna Stars celebrate their third straight year winning the First National Bowl in Alaska Medium School action! (Game recap here.) Photo by user

Soldotna 10-16 Soldotna Stars 10-24


3. Have to give love to the band who comes out to pump up the crowd and team up every game! Here’s a shot of the Bishop Alemany drum line and their team huddling around after a hard fought victory! (Game recap here.) Photo from user Bishop Alemany HS.

Drums 10-17 Alemany 10-17


4. When you win player of the game you get a sledgehammer? We aren’t sure but a Musselman Applemen of West Virginia posed with one and the game ball after their win against the Morgantown Mohigans! (Game recap here.) Photo from user Ganggreen.

Musselman Applemen 10-17


5. It was a black jerseys versus white jerseys throw down in Alaska as the Bartlett Golden Bears took on the South Anchorage Wolverines. The refs look like they are rooting for both teams! (Game recap here.) Photo from

Barlett 10-17 Bartlett 10-17

6. Every little girl wants to be a cheerleader and this little Grayson Rams’ fan celebrates their Homecoming victory shutout with a currently cheerleader! (Game recap here.) Photo from user ScottHopkins.

Grayson Rams 10-17


7. The Field Falcons of Mogadore,OH with a pumped-up entrance before their win against the Norton Panthers. This sort of excitement pumps us up! (Game recap here.) Photo by user ASAP_Louie00.

Field 10-17


8. In WNEP action, the Dunmore Bucks band lines up to get the crowd motivated during their win against Western Wayne Wildcats (Game recap here.) Photos from user Cholkom.

Dunmore 10-17

9. The Regis Rams provided some festive October decorations for their Senior night game over JFK Trojans in Oregon football action! Best of luck to all Seniors moving on past their high school sports career. (Game recap here.) Photo from user @Dheuberger.

Regis Rams Senior day 10-17


10. When those Friday Night Lights turn on and the opening kick off is about to happen, everything else just goes away! The Southern Columbia Tigers get ready for their opening kickoff against the Lewisburg Green Dragons. The Tigers prevailed in the Friday Pennsylvania action. (Game recap here.) Photo by user Twilcox30.

Southern Columbia 10-17

11. Soccer playoffs are in full swing and it was a shootout in Nashville, TN as the Cane Ridge Ravens edge out the Overton Bobcats 6-5. Amazing pic of first half action! (Game recap here.) Photo by user Bobcatbeat.

overton 10-17


12. It was a hard fought game in Ohio football action as the Fredericktown Freddies narrowly defeated the Centerburg Trojans. Our users got in close and brought us some amazing game action shots! (Game recap here.) Photo by user @John_Wareham.

Freddies 10-16 fred 10-16


13. Love the intense crowd for high school volleyball Sectional action in Colorado Springs, CO as he Pine Creek Eagles defeat the Rampart Rams to move forward. 

Pine Creek 10-24

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WGNO Voodoo Athlete of the Week

As part of our effort to ensure users have the best high school sports coverage, we are sharing articles from the media partners who use ScoreStream for their local youth sports coverage. Make sure to follow WGNO- an ABC company (Twitter- @WGNOtv) as they provide the most in-depth, exciting coverage for New Orleans area and Louisiana high school football.

Six touchdowns and 272 yards would be an impressive stat line for a high school quarterback, but when a running back posts those numbers, it is eye opening! Archbishop Shaw Eagles running back Trey Ragas (@Treyyyyy5) posted this line against L.W. Higgins during this game:

See the rest of the article and Trey Ragas’ highlight reel here!

High School Football Passing Records- A nod to Peyton Manning


Sunday night football kicked off at a crisp mid-60s in Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium. Millions were tuned in to watch the Denver Broncos host the San Francisco 49ers. While the viewership is common for any Sunday night football broadcast, this night was special as Peyton Manning was biding to break Brett Favre’s passing touchdown record of 508.

Manning let there be no doubt he would break the record Sunday night as he started off the game seaming touchdown passes to Emmanuel Sanders and then Wes Welker. Each in the open field as if Manning’s offense had completely stifled a normally powerful 49ers defense.

Growing up as a Colt’s fan, I’ve had the pleasure to watch Manning evolve into the quarterback is currently is. I remember the excitement that would come every game day watching Manning pump-fake, step up in the pocket and nail Marvin Harrison. Harrison’s lightning ability as a receiver complimented Manning much like Demaryius Thomas and the rest of the Bronco’s receiving core does now.

Watching Manning line up out of the shotgun with Demaryius Thomas out wide right, I could almost predict the pass was going to him. When Manning took the snap and turned right you could see Thomas get slight separation and Manning laced it with just enough space for Thomas to drag his feet as he hauled in the reception. While it was exciting to watch, it felt more right than invigorating. Manning’s hard work has been well documented throughout his career and getting to this point seemed inevitable.

As a nod to Peyton Manning’s amazing acomplishment last night, the ScoreStream group took a look at some high school passing records.You won’t see Manning’s name in any national high school football record books, which should motivate young athletes everywhere to work hard if their dream is to play! Below are some of the high school football passing records we found most impressive.

219- The record for career touchdown passes thrown set by Maty Mauk from 2008-11. Think about that number for a second: 219! Yes it’s the NFL, but it took over 16 seasons for Peyton to reach the touchdown record of 509. In just 4 seasons oh Ohio high school football Mauk was able to reach almost half of that number!

What’s more impressive is that the record for second is 34 touchdown passes behind him! Mauk is currently in college playing for Missouri Tigers. It will take a lot for this record to ever be beaten!

15- The most touchdown passes thrown in a single game set by Arthur Smith in 1921. In a time when football wasn’t about spread offenses and passing, Arthur Smith somehow managed to throw 15 touchdown passes in a game. We aren’t even sure what to say. Instead, we will stand back, give him a standing ovation and shrug! You, sir, have  more passing touchdowns than the person closest to you. If this is ever broken, we hope to see the game.

91- The most touchdown passes thrown in a season set by Corey Robinson. Isn’t Kentucky known for basketball?! Corey Robinson didn’t care in the 2007 season as he put up 91 passing touchdowns against opponents! Another record that blows away the next closest which is 77, it will take an impressive season to break. Robinson better have been homecoming king, as he provided the team with 546 points through the air (extra points not included)!

18,932- The most career passing yards set by Maty Mauk from 2008-11. It’s not surprising the see Mauk back here knowing that he also holds the record for passing touchdowns. Fun fact, in his high school career the amount of yards thrown by Maty Mauk translates to nearly 11 miles, or the length of over 63 football fields. That’s a lot of space Mauk covered!

A more interesting fact, Maty Mauk dethroned none other than his brother Ben Mauk from the most career yards record. Ben held that record from 2002 until his brother passed him in 2011. Ben is still nearly 2,000 yards in front of second place!

The Mauk’s may be considered the Manning’s of high school football!

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Comment below and let us know your favorite record or who to watch as they go towards breaking a record!