ScoreStream Partnership Get Started Guide

Welcome, Partner!

We are excited to have you on board and we want to ensure you get the most out of this partnership. Our goal is to first get you set up with a scoreboard for your website and then show you how to leverage ScoreStream to get you more exposure in your market.

In this post you will find steps and tips to getting started. If at any point you have questions or want some extra help, feel free to reach out to We would love to hear from you!


Getting Started with ScoreStream

  1. Username: if you have not already, please send your username to so we can give you access to all of our extra back-end tools. If you still need to create one, you can do that at
  2. ScoreStream Tutorials: we have created step-by-step tutorials on all of our ScoreStream tools. You can browse through these now but also feel free to bookmark the link so you can refer back to the tutorials as you need them.

  3. Create a Scoreboard (or several): our scoreboards will pull in LIVE scores as they are inputted by the fans. You can put this scoreboard widget on your website in as many places as you want, and also create as many separate scoreboards as you’d like.

    To create a scoreboard, go to your WidgetManager and work through the steps or check out the tutorial for help. Once you have the teams added and a look and feel that matches your brand, put the scoreboard up on your website.

  4. Create a Photo & Video Gallery (or several): Similar to the scoreboards, the Photo & Video Galleries will pull in photos and videos in realtime. Go to your WidgetManager to create a Photo & Video Gallery just like you would a scoreboard. You can create a state-wide board for maximum coverage, create one with specific teams, or both!
  5. On-Air Ticker Integration: if you are a TV station you can also use our scores for your on-air tickers. The great part about this, is you don’t have to update the score separately in your ticker interface. You can update the score ONCE in the ScoreStream GameManager or the mobile app (or just use the scores from our fans), and it will automatically update the data in your ticker. Contact us for more information!


Promote Your Coverage

You now have realtime scores, photos, and video on your website. Time to promote your coverage so people know you’re a leading source for local sports! Check out these links for tips and ideas:

Other Tools & Things To Do (if it helps you!)

  1. Update scores, game time and location: use our GameManager tool to manage all game information. You can see all the games from your widget in one pace and add scores, game segment, time, location and get to the game page to post.
  2. Schedule games: in some cases, we may already have the schedules in the system. If we do not have your team’s schedule and you want to add a schedule, you can do that using our GameScheduler tool.
  3. Create your own ranking set (or use one of ours): while we do not have standings or stats (yet!) we do have the ability to create your own ranking set and apply it to any scoreboard.
  4. Add a game venue: since a soccer team plays on the soccer field and the basketball team in the gym, you can add several venues for each school. You can set certain venues as the default and also add venues that may be specific to playoffs.
  5. Update a team page: our partners and General Managers all have access to updating team information. You can change out the background photo or upload a logo. If you do not have access to this, just email us and we’ll fix that!


Please feel free to reach out with questions, comments, or just to say hi!



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