ScoreStream Tutorial: Navigating Your Dashboard

ScoreStream has many tools that help you cover local sports. Our online web version of ScoreStream has a dashboard that allows you to find the scores you want and the tools you need from ScoreStream.  We encourage you to click around and explore the various sections.  Here’s an overview of the key links for our media partners

Dashboard Home Page

Here is our new look when you log into



For fans, all the teams they “follow” are listed on the right below the quick view of the profile.  On the left are featured games, sorted primarily by location.

Media partners can find everything they need under the “My Widgets” and “Tools” links on the navigation bar:



My Widgets

If you have one or more ScoreStream Scoreboard Widgets deployed on your site, you will find them here:


Click “Update” next to any one of your widgets to go to the WidgetManager tool, where you can make any changes you want.  Those changes will flow right through to your online Scoreboard Widget and, if applicable, your on-air ticker and mobile app.  For a refresher on WidgetManager, check out the WidgetManager tutorial.

Tip:  Anytime you make a change to an existing widget, be sure to click “update widget” to save and implement your changes.

To create a new widget (e.g., for a new sport, squad, etc.), click “Create a Widget”.  Click here for a refresher on how to create a new widget.



The tools section is where you’ll find the useful tools for media companies:


Schedule Games

You can access the GameScheduler here to add schedules that aren’t already there.  Check out the GameScheduler tutorial for more on this.

Manage Games

You can get to the GameManager here – an awesome tool to manage all the games and monitor the scores that are flowing into your online Scoreboard Widget.  Check out the GameManager tutorial for details on how to utilize this tool.

Create a Promotional Graphic

If you haven’t seen this feature yet, be sure to check it out.  We have a graphic maker tool that lets you create an awesome looking graphic to add to your Twitter or Facebook posts.  The graphic can be a promotional tool to announce upcoming games or post a final score.  This custom graphic allows you to stand out from the crowd and is more likely to get re-posted or replied to!  Check out our Promotion Playbook for more tips like this.

Create Team Leagues

Use this tool for independent leagues, travel teams, etc that are not part of a traditional high school or collegiate league.


We hope that the dashboard will make it easier for you to navigate ScoreStream and access the tools you need.

As always, we’re here to help so contact us if you have any questions at all!


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