New Esports Partnership with Simulation Football League

The SFL and ScoreStream have entered a partnership to bring the first competitive esports league on the ScoreStream app. The Simulation Football League (SFL) is a one-of-a-kind controlerless football league. Currently played on All Pro Football 2K8, the SFL has the full structure of a traditional football league with a rookie draft, live commentary on games hosted through Twitch, and much more. With football being one of the biggest draws on ScoreStream, it couldn’t be a more perfect fit to introduce the SFL and esports to the app.

“We originally launched as a platform to cover high school sports with a particular emphasis on the most widely played team sports,” said Derrick Oien, CEO of ScoreStream. “Over the years we have added a bunch of other team sports as well as some international sports like handball and netball. We have had a lot of inbound interest from esports teams and leagues, and we are absolutely thrilled to be working with the SFL. The SFL will be our first foray into a new category for us, esports, in a sport that is widely popular on ScoreStream, Football, and we can’t wait to introduce the league to our fans.”

To learn more about the Simulation Football League, their upcoming games leading into playoffs, and the partnership visit their website here:

ScoreStream Local Sports API

Today we would like to announce the availability of the ScoreStream Local Sports API. Over the last several years we have received numerous requests to gain access to our API.  Up until now we have only made the API available to a few select partners.


The ScoreStream API will be available to partners who desire automated access to ScoreStream’s data for display in custom formats, whether online, mobile, television, or print. The API supports both an HTTPS Json REST interface and an HTTPS WebSocket interface.


Based on the volume of requests and the quality and quantity of our data, we are now making our API available on a commercial basis to interested parties. We will provide access to the API for a fee based on certain factors, such as the type and quantity of content, market and/or audience size, and the intended manner of display. Access will generally include real-time scoring data, as well as photos, videos, and social engagement. Real-time scoring data typically includes sport, gender, team A, team B, logos or varsity letters, period (quarter, period, inning, etc.) time stamp and geo-location.


In addition to the API, we will continue to allow partners to display our data via our current “cut-and-paste” web widgets (See example above). The white label widgets will function as our current widgets, but allow for prominent custom branding for our partners and/or their advertisers.


ScoreStream’s content is crowd-sourced, so there are a few things to consider when determining whether our data set is appropriate for your purposes. There are essentially two buckets of data that we can provide via our platform:


Data Set 1 – High School Sports Data. We crowd-source 10,000 to 15,000 high school games each week from the middle of August through the end of May. This data is syndicated widely to media partners and the Associated Press, and is validated through a number of mechanisms to ensure accuracy. This data is typically used for real-time web widgets, broadcast tickers and other applications that are time sensitive and require a high degree of accuracy.


Data Set 2 – Everything else. Our users schedule and score games at all levels. This includes international, pro, college, junior college and semi-pro sports, as well as youth and club sports. We do not employ the same validation methodology for this data, nor do we track the data sets for completeness.  However, due to the size and engagement of our audience, we do source timely, accurate scores across a wide range of games at all levels. You may find this data set provides a cost-effective alternative to more established data providers, particularly as relates to local professional and collegiate sports.


Going forward, our partners will continue to have access to our GameManger and GameScheduler tools at no cost, allowing them to easily schedule and update games in real time. Our platform is also designed to easily add new organizations, leagues and clubs. If you would like us to add a league or set of teams, just let us know. 


If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to reach out to us at for complete documentation and access to a temporary developer key for testing purposes. In your email it would be helpful to describe your media, use case, market/audience size and any other relevant details that can help provide you with cost effective data

Scores Everywhere – Now on Facebook Messenger

When we started ScoreStream, we began with the premise that we could use the approach Waze took with traffic and apply that to local sports media. We knew that with the rise of the Internet and the consolidation of media that it was increasingly difficult to cover local sports in an economical way.

Our early belief was that only a very small percentage of people would ever create content of any type, much less score a game. The first version of our application literally was released to test the thesis that we could create something that enough people would use and if that proved true then we would try to build a more complete solution. Version 1 of the ScoreStream app allowed you to score a game and post those results out to Facebook, Twitter, and SMS.

We knew that 95+% of users would download our app, look for some scores and would then delete the app in frustration. Fortunately for us we found a good early group of power users who validated the approach and we moved to make a more complete solution.

Early on in the company, we reached out to a number of media partners and asked them if they would be interested in using a crowd-sourcing solution to capture local sports scores. One of those early companies was a radio station in San Diego – The Mighty 1090. They were covering the local high school section on a weekly radio show and wanted us to create a scoreboard widget for their website. We shrugged and made one for them. Today those scoreboard widgets are on over 10,000 websites including 1,300 top media properties in TV, radio, and newspaper sites.

We always viewed what we did as a technology platform and so the next logical step for working with media companies was to provide that data in a format that could be played on television. Working with one of our earlier investors, Sinclair Broadcasting, we created a framework that allowed us to syndicate our score data to the various ticker packages that they use in their news and sports broadcasts. There were a number of specific issues we had to deal with for television including accuracy. We developed some clever methods to insure accuracy and today we are powering on-air tickers for over 75 television stations and we expect that number to grow substantially this year.

Both our tickers and widgets can be created by selecting a specific set of teams or by drawing a map and creating a geofence to add schools or teams in an area to a widget. A lot of retail venues are looking for ways to engage with local communities. In particular sports bars and other dining establishments want to find ways to showcase their interaction with the community. We were approached by a vendor who was working with Buffalo Wild Wings and we rapidly developed a solution that can display local scores, photos, and videos on a big screen TV that draws content in from local high schools and other teams. We have piloted this with some of the biggest names in retail this last year and expect to have a lot of deployments this coming fall.

One day my friend Matt reached out and suggested that we have a discussion with Snapchat about what they were doing in sports. We had a couple of really good conversations and before long we were working with them to provide real time score data for roughly 5,000 games each Friday night in the high school football season. Snapchat users who are within 500 meters of a high school football game are presented with a filter option when they take a snap that shows the score of a game up to the minute at that point in time.

As we continued to grow our coverage and user base we entered into discussions with the Associated Press about working together to capture high school scores on a faster basis. After lots of diligence we entered into a partnership where we work cooperatively to capture tons of games as fast as possible through the football and basketball seasons.

For a number of years we had scoreboards on a variety of iHeart radio station websites. Last year we began discussions about how we could use all of our data to create daily high school radio spots for roughly 50 markets across the country. We worked closely together throughout the summer and rolled out a great product with them this fall. You can see some examples of that via “SportsPass” which is the branded name of the product.

Over these last several years, users who have discovered ScoreStream have realized that they can submit scores to ScoreStream and those scores are fed to local TV, radio, newspapers, restaurants, Snapchat and the Associated Press. A lot of the value of using our platform is that we send their scores everywhere. The fans feel empowered and motivated since they realize they are helping their favorite teams receive more recognition.

With that in mind we thought about other places where it might make sense to send scores. We felt that there were a lot of customers who do not necessarily use a lot of apps, but a ton of them use platforms like Facebook. Today we are excited to announce the launch of our ScoreStream Scoring Bot for Facebook Messenger. While we certainly like fans to use ScoreStream directly when they are following their games, we know that there are a lot of consumers who still struggle to find their high school scores and we wanted to give them an easy way to stay up to date with their high school or their kids high school. If you go to our Facebook Page you can click on the message button and Follow the teams you are interested in. As we get score updates and other information, that will be delivered to you directly in Facebook Messenger. Last week we had scores for over 15,500 games so we are pretty sure there is a good chance we have your team’s score as well.

Messenger Scores

Baseball en France!


Je tiens à remercier les Ducks qui ont utilisé notre application ScoreStream lors de la saison 2017, Cette application a permis aux fans des Ducks de pouvoir suivre en temps réels le score de chaque rencontre tout au long de la saison, de leur donner de la visibilité sur les réseaux sociaux. Un bel argument de visibilité et crédibilité pour ce sport mineur actuellement en France. Pour la saison 2018 nous renouvelons notre partenariat avec les Ducks et invitons tous les clubs de baseball de division 1, à utiliser l’application gratuite pour la saison 2018, une nouvelle étape pour montrer votre équipe et votre sport aux médias dans l’optique du retour du baseball aux JO de Paris 2024.
Bonne saison 2018 au baseball Français.

ScoreStream Receives Intel Capital Funding

ScoreStream Receives Intel Capital Funding

New funding will enable ScoreStream to enhance crowd sourcing platform for local sports

November 9, 2017 — Del Mar, Calif — Today we are proud to announce ScoreStream has received funding from Intel Capital, Intel’s strategic investment and M&A organization. ScoreStream is a crowd sourcing platform for capturing and syndicating local sports content to consumers and media companies. ScoreStream has partnerships with most of the major broadcast television groups, iHeart Media, and the Associated Press.

The new funding will enable ScoreStream to create new product enhancements and extend its platform capabilities. Other investors participating in this round of funding include Avalon Ventures, Sinclair Broadcasting, R/GA and Verizon Ventures.

Intel Corporation and ScoreStream have also entered into a business collaboration agreement, under which they will collaborate regarding certain technical, marketing and sales activities.

“Our ability to cover local sports on a national basis has relied on using computers and the crowd to bring coverage across the country on a real time basis. The intersection of media and technology is rapidly evolving and we are excited to have Intel as an investor as we look to use our platform on a global basis and to extend our coverage both deeper and more broadly,” said Derrick Oien, CEO of ScoreStream.

“ScoreStream leverages machine learning and the crowd to source local sports coverage not previously available in real-time,” said James Carwana, VP & GM of Intel Sports.  “Intel Sports plans to collaborate with ScoreStream to enhance the fan engagement and personalization experience around this hyper-local data on a global basis.”

About ScoreStream

ScoreStream is the first and leading crowd-sourcing platform for live local sports. The ScoreStream mobile app engages fans through crowd-sourced scores, photos, video and chat from over 10,000 games per week from around the world. ScoreStream is an early-stage, venture-backed start-up based in Del Mar, CA. Follow ScoreStream at,, and @scorestream on Twitter.

About Intel Capital

Intel Capital invests in innovative startups targeting 5G connectivity, the data center, artificial intelligence, merged reality, autonomous driving and a wide range of other disruptive technologies. Since 1991, Intel Capital has invested US $12.2 billion in 1,500 companies worldwide, and more than 640 portfolio companies have gone public or been acquired. Intel Capital curates thousands of business development introductions each year between its portfolio companies and the Global 2000. For more information on what makes Intel Capital one of the world’s most powerful venture capital firms, visit or follow @Intelcapital.

ScoreStream’s Players To Watch-Camryn Woodall


ScoreStream is thrilled to present our next Player to Watch, Camryn Woodall, a senior softball standout from Keller High School in Keller, Texas. Woodall is currently leading her team as the starting 2B captain for Keller Varsity Softball through the fifth round of 6A playoffs to the Regional I Finals this week. She had six hits and nine RBI’s this past weekend in the Regional Semi-Final series against Plano East. Woodall has racked up her fair share of awards in her high school career, including District 5-6A First Team All District her Freshman and Sophomore year and District 5-6A MVP Junior Year. She has also earned DFW Fastpitch Freshman of the Year, 6A State Championship All-Tournament Team, Texas Sports Writers Association All State, Dallas Morning News First Team All Area Team, DFW Fastpitch First Team All Metroplex Team, and Star Telegram First Team All Area Team, all before her senior year! She maintains an extremely noteworthy .448 batting average in her high school career thus far. Woodall will be continuing her softball career at the University of Utah in the fall. We caught up with Woodall between innings with this quick Q&A!

IMG_1355 (1)

SS: How and when did you become interested in playing softball?

CW: I first became interested in the sport as a little six year old girl. My dad has told me stories of trips to Toys-R-Us when I would beg him to buy me the pink softball glove and he finally gave in. I made him back the cars out of the garage and we would spend hours together playing catch and counting how many we could throw without dropping the ball. Little did we both know, that is where it would all begin.

SS: What player has influenced you the most in becoming the player you are today?

CW: I don’t think I can give credit to just one player or person that has helped me become the player I am today, but I really enjoy watching and learning from Hannah Flippen. She is a senior at the University of Utah right now and she has accomplished so much in her four years. She came in and started as a freshman and earned PAC-12 Player of the Year two years in a row. I am really looking forward to working with her when I get to Utah in the fall.

SS: What has been your favorite memory of high school softball thus far?

CW: My favorite memories from come from my junior year of high school. It is an entirely different feeling playing on a team with the instinctual ability to want to win no matter what. Every girl understood her role and played for the girl next to her. We should sing on the bus rides, goof around in hotels while in playoffs, and just always enjoyed being with each other.

SS: Do you have any pre-game rituals that get you hyped up for game day?

CW: Always before away games we jam out with a speaker on the bus and get pumped up with our favorite songs. We also have a ritual before each game where we chant, “together we’re stronger,” which helps reinforce why we are there and that it is going to take every single one of us to win.

SS: Congratulations on your recent signing to the University of Utah to continue your softball career as a college athlete! What are you most excited about playing college softball?

CW: I am beyond excited to be starting a new chapter in Salt Lake City with a new group of girls and coaches. I am most excited for the amount of information that I am going to have the opportunity to absorb. It will be a challenge, but I know that I am going in with an excellent support group that will help me through every step of the way!


If you enjoyed reading this make sure to keep up with Camryn and the high school scores at Keller High School on ScoreStream this year! You can follow her @camrynwoodall_ on Twitter.

Want to follow high school and club sports in real-time? Download the ScoreStream app for free here: Itunes or Google Play

ScoreStream’s #NextLadyLegend Finalist: Isabella Solis

We are excited to introduce you to our last finalist from the #NextLadyLegends campaign!  Remember, beginning the week of March 20th YOU will have your chance to vote for our NATIONAL WINNER! Read more about this campaign here, read ALL of our finalist interviews here and check out the action on twitter using #NextLadyLegend.



For our last Finalist of our #NextLadyLegends contest, ScoreStream wanted to showcase someone that had shown heart, determination, and an attitude of perseverance. As we scoured the nation, we found ourselves casting our attention in to the deep blue pool of the Arroyo Grande’s Water Polo team. There we found senior center, Isabella Solis. No more than a year ago, Solis was dealing with an injury and was forced to miss the playoffs her junior year. If any of you have dealt with an injury, it can be both frustrating and demoralizing. However, that wasn’t the mindset of Solis. She worked throughout the off-season to come back and was able to lead her team her senior season. With Solis’s help, Arroyo Grande’s Women’s team posted a 19-7 overall record and were able to win their 13th consecutive league title led by Solis scoring 50% of the goals in the league championship game. After their impressive season ScoreStream was able to catch up with her to ask her some questions we thought our viewers may have.


SS: How did you begin playing sports?

IS: I started out playing sports when I was very young, around 5-6, I played basketball all the way from kindergarten to eighth grade. But then my freshman year I was introduced to the sport of water polo. I have stuck with it ever since!

SS: If you were going to choose one emoji to describe yourself, what would it be and why?

IS: I would be the crying laughing face emoji 😂 because my team and I are always laughing!

SS: What female in your life is the most inspirational?

IS: My mom is the most inspirational female in my life because she is my number one fan and cheerleader! I know that life can be hard but her presence always motivates me to keep pushing through and always try your hardest!

SS: Do you have any pre-game rituals to get you pumped up for game day?

IS: I always try to stay relaxed before games and keep it loose! My goal is to play a calm and collected game, and I prepare accordingly hoping that everything runs smoothly!

SS: What players or coaches have most influenced you to be the player you are today?

IS: All the coaches that are involved in the Arroyo Grande Water polo team have played a part in influencing me as a player. I have to say Catherine Gritton, who is a volunteer coach for our team. She has truly encouraged me and helped me really develop as a person and as a water polo player. It has really been a blessing to be involved with the program and have her and our head Coach, Steven Allen, leading the way for us.

Want to follow high school and club sports in real-time? Download the ScoreStream app for free here: Itunes or Google Play

ScoreStream’s #NextLadyLegend Finalist: Caitlyn Cota

We are excited to introduce you to our next finalist from the #NextLadyLegends campaign! We will continue to release interviews for each finalist, and beginning the week of March 20th YOU will have your chance to vote for our NATIONAL WINNER! Read more about this campaign here, and check out the action on twitter using #NextLadyLegend.



ScoreStream is happy to announce the next stellar nomination for our #NextLadyLegend feature, Caitlyn Cota from Bishop Alemany High School in Mission Hills, CA. Cota is a threatening dual athlete who plays big roles as a captain on both her high school soccer and volleyball teams. She led her volleyball team to the CIF Semi-Finals and a state championship regional runner-up title her Senior year for the first time in program history. Cota recorded 52 aces and 323 digs on the season as the libero. She then quickly switched gears into her senior soccer season and also led her soccer team to the CIF Semi-Finals, scoring four goals on the season and earning Co-Best Defensive Player! ScoreStream got to know this multi-sport legend in making during the Q&A below.

Caitlyn 3

SS: What lessons have you learned from soccer and volleyball that you carry along in every day life?

CC: The lessons I have learned from these sports is to be tough and strong no matter what life throws in my path. If I cannot do that, something I learned from my volleyball coach is to “fake it ’till you make it”. Another lesson I live by is “one more”, which helps me persevere and keeps me motivated to push ahead when I might feel like giving up. My soccer coach wrote this on a white board after practice one night, and it has stuck with me ever since!

SS: What emoji best describes you and your teammates and why?

CC: I would definitely have to say the 💃🏽 emoji because before every volleyball and soccer game we like to listen to music and dance in the locker room. It is part of our routine and really fires us up for the game. I have the best memories from our crazy locker room parties!

SS: What female athlete do you think is changing her sport?

CC: I think an athlete that is changing ALL sports is Serena Williams because she firmly believes that women should always be judged by their achievements, not their gender. Williams once said, “People call me one of the ‘world’s greatest female athletes’. Do they say LeBron is one of the world’s best ‘male’ athletes? Is Tiger? Federer? Why not?” Women never truly get the same recognition or respect as male athletes, and I think Serena Williams is doing her best to change that.

SS: What is the most memorable moment of your high school athletic career?

CC: One thing I will never forget about high school athletics were the play off game bus rides. We would usually nap on the way to the game, but on the way home we would blast music and sing until our throats hurt! Those bus rides were where we connected with one another and made memories that will last forever. I will also always remember the overwhelming support we had from our school’s fan section, the “Warzone”, at CIF soccer Semi-Finals this year. Hearing other athletes and friends from my school cheer for us made me feel so supported, and even though I was sad it was my last soccer game, I will never forget the love and support I felt that night.

SS: How do you balance being a two sport athlete while excelling academically? What is your secret?

CC: How do I balance both high school sports, club volleyball, and school, along with making time for myself, my family, and my friends? My crazy and hectic life has taught me how to manage my time effectively and how to stay organized. I also think that loving both sports and my teammates has helped tremendously. I have learned both from academics and sports that when you work hard you will achieve greatness. I play volleyball and soccer because my love for the game continues to grow every day. I also would not be the student or athlete I am today without my friends and family cheering me on, and the endless support and love that my fellow classmates give me. My secret to balancing everything is to not do it alone! I know that I always have my friends, family, teammates, and classmates by my side.

SS: What is a fun fact about you that not many people know?

CC: Some fun facts about me are that I have never had a bloody nose, I collect cool socks, I’ve broken four bones, I’ve donated to Locks of Love twice, and I was named female athlete of the year in my eighth grade class! I was also named Senior Class Homecoming Queen this year 👑.

Caitlyn 1

You can keep up with Caitlyn’s soccer and volleyball teams at Bishop Alemany High School on ScoreStream!

Want to follow high school and club sports in real-time? Download the ScoreStream app for free here: Itunes or Google Play

ScoreStream’s #NextLadyLegend Finalist: Amber Robben

We are excited to introduce you to our next finalist from the #NextLadyLegends campaign! We will continue to release interviews for each finalist, and beginning the week of March 20th YOU will have your chance to vote for our NATIONAL WINNER! Read more about this campaign here, and check out the action on twitter using #NextLadyLegend.



ScoreStream is thrilled to present Amber Robben from Staples-Motley High School in Staples, MN as our #NextLadyLegend finalist! Robben is a senior captain on her high school basketball team who plays the essential role of point guard, and can be described as “unselfish and fast” out on the court. She has been playing basketball since the fourth grade, has fallen in love with the game, and never second guessed her decision to start playing. Part of what makes Robben a stand-out lady legend is her proven ability to overcome obstacles and take on challenges with resilience. Between 8th grade and her freshman year, Robben suffered a devastating ACL tear that she described as “one of the hardest things that’s ever happened to (her)”. Although it wasn’t easy, she was able to recover from this injury and come back even stronger to excel in her high school career. We scored a Q&A with Robben and got to learn more about her and her passion for basketball!


SS: Are there any female OR male athletes that you look up to for inspiration?

AR: One athlete I really look up to is my coach, Craig Wolhowe. He always knows what to say to me when I need direction physically or mentally, and he is the most kind-hearted person I know.

SS: It’s GAME DAY! What is your method for getting in the zone?

AR: On game days, I like to think about the little things we worked on in practice that week and how I’m going to apply them to the game. In the locker room before every game, my team and I carry on a tradition of chanting to get us pumped up. Lastly, I like to pray twice before heading out to the court!

SS: If you had to choose an emoji to describe you, what would it be?

AR: I would choose the smiling emoji 😄 because I’m always smiling. A big part of basketball is all about having fun and enjoying your time out on the court.

SS: When you’re not playing basketball what is your favorite activity?

AR: My favorite activity outside of basketball is definitely hanging out with my friends and family. It’s important to spend quality time with those closest to you.

SS: As a female athlete, do you think there are any misconceptions about girl’s sports?

AR: I’ve heard many negative things about girl’s sports that aren’t true. I hear that girls basketball is “boring to watch”, that we play at a slower pace, and that girl’s sports just aren’t fun. My team and I try to play the best basketball we can, and if anyone with these thoughts came out to watch us we would prove them wrong.

SS: What is your go to signature move out there on the court?

AR: My go to move is going behind the back or a step back shot 👌🏼.


You can follow Amber Robben on twitter @amber_robben31. Make sure to keep up with her basketball team and other sports at Staples-Motley High School on ScoreStream!

Want to follow high school and club sports in real-time? Download the ScoreStream app for free here: Itunes or Google Play