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In every football game, the offense is inevitably going to find itself in a tough position. Usually that is somewhere along the lines of 4th down and out of field goal range. In this situation, coaches call their special teams over and prepare the punt unit for the next play. Statistically speaking, your average professional football team will punt the ball 3-7 times per game. In Division 1 College football that number could be anywhere from 4-9 punts per game and up to 10+ times for some of the more offensively challenged high school teams. In these situations, you want to have a guy that can boot the skin off the ball. This is where Gavin Wale comes in. Gavin is one of the top ranked punters in the entire Country! He has been ranked as high as the #1 prospect for the class of 2019. Before his last kick hit the ground, ScoreStream was able to reach out to Gavin for a short Q&A.


SS: How did you begin playing sports?

GW: I began playing soccer when I was three. It was there that I realized I had quite the leg and knack for kicking. Since then, I’ve tried just about every sport in the book and ended up kicking footballs.

SS: If you weren’t playing football, what would be your go to sport/activity?

GW: If I wasn’t playing football, I would definitely still be playing soccer. I always dreamed of playing in a World Cup.

SS: Suppose the other team calls a time-out before a field goal attempt, how do you keep your cool?

GW: I think of every kick as a competition against the other team’s kicker. It helps make the situation seem much smaller than it actually is, regardless of the pressure.

SS: It’s game day, what is your go to method for getting in the zone?

GW: Throughout the day, I try to take a few moments to close my eyes and visualize myself doing everything I can to help the team win. Before the game, I listen to music to keep myself focused…”In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins is a classic for me.

🏈 Check out Gavin’s youtube account here to see some of his kicking highlights 🏈

SS: What lessons have you learned from playing that you carry along in every day life?

GW: Between kicking and football, I have learned that nothing will ever be given to you. Everything in life is earned and there is NEVER an excuse to not be the hardest working guy out on the field, or in life.

SS:Do you practice your tackling during practice?

GW: Sometimes I try and jump in during drills, but usually I’m off perfecting things with my long snapper.


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Tukee Bowl Recap- Super User Submission- Jeff Edgington

ScoreStream is fueled by the very best fans for scores, photos, videos, and now recaps! For our first ever user-submitted article, we couldn’t be happier to have Jeff Edgington cover and recap the Tukee Bowl between Mountain Pointe Pride and Desert Vista Thunder. Jeff has been a super user for the past two years and provides amazing coverage of all the top games in Arizona. You can follow Jeff on our free app and see all of his coverage on his profile here: Jeffrey Edgington.

Desert vista

Tukee Bowl Recap-

By Jeff Edgington

Jack Smith snuck around the edge one yard scoring with just under two minutes remaining and so went the host Thunder’s chancing of halting the skid against Mountain Pointe (6-0). Just like the last three years, bragging rights lay on Knox Road at the younger of the two schools.  Pride roll 28-14 behind an impressive Defense and a 14 point 4TH-quarter surge.

Smith, a Senior, moved in from the Midwest and didn’t know much about the significance of this one.

“They’ve talked about it all week, but Coach Vaughn emphasized it’s just another game. We try to downplay it, but it feels good to get another win.” added Smith with a grin.

The Pride struck first on an 11-yard Marcarius Blount scamper halfway through the opening frame. Desert Vista (5-2) responded quickly when quarterback Nick Thomas found receiver Raymond Figueroa in stride from 57 out.

Tukee bowl

A punt early in the second pinned the Pride deep in Desert Vista territory. Momentum built from there as Blount and Smith would matriculate down the field on a lengthy nine-minute drive. Smith found Ralph Roman from the 6 to give the visitors a 14-7 lead right before the break. After Alex Farina drove the Thunder down to potentially tie it he was intercepted by Kenny Churchwell for the first time turnover of the game.

Desert Vista tied the game late in the third quarter with another long pass, this time Smith hitting Keishaud White for a 35-yard gain that set up Lelon Dillard’s one-yard scoring run.

After that, Desert Vista managed just two first downs and Thomas was intercepted twice in the fourth quarter as Mountain Pointe’s defense took control.

“Turnovers killed us,” Desert Vista coach Dan Hinds said. “We were driving and two picks. We have to clean that up.”

Desert vista fans

Heading to the 4th Quarter tied at 14 the student bodies increased their volume, and the crowd noise brought the entire stadium to their feet. Mountain Pointe kept grinding out first downs behind a massive front line. Blount wore out the clock. One minute into the 4TH Smith found a wide-open Deon Lee, who is usually a linebacker, for the difference and a 21-14 don’t-look-back advantage.

But in the end the defense from the Pride was relentless all evening and it forced 3 Interceptions. 2 of which went to the sophomore Churchwell.

“They’re a good team,” Mountain Pointe coach Norris Vaughan said. “They’re big. They’re physical. But they hurt us on two bombs. We were in man coverage and they beat us. Other than that, I thought we shut them down.”

In a game played by teens and fueled by emotion Mountain Pointe didn’t turn-over the ball, didn’t commit a penalty, and never trailed.  Impressive.

ScoreStream’s Ones To Watch- Zack Pedersen

ScoreStream’s goal with Ones To Watch is to connect the high school sports fans with some of the best, most promising high school athletes in the nation. With a month of football over, ScoreStream wants to give a nod to Bloomington South Panther’s Free Safety Zack Pedersen. Pedersen is a strong Senior presence on South’s 6-0 team.

Leading deep into Conference play, Pedersen has already registered 4 times the national average of passes deflected for free safeties! We wanted to see what drives Pedersen to success, and you can see his interview here!

Want to see Zack Pedersen’s hudl highlights? Click here. You can follow all of Bloomington South’s games on their Road to State in Indiana on the free ScoreStream app and on their page here.


SS– Who would you say contributes the most to you becoming a talented football player?

ZP– I think having good genes is very nice in the skill aspect of how a football player performs. However, I think the coaches that surround me and work with me no doubt have contributed the most to my progression as a player. From my strength coach who creates controlled chaos in the weight room, replicating the hype of a Friday night, and not letting us take any lift off … to my position coach, who happens to be the defensive coordinator. These coaches prepare my team and me the best they possibly could, giving us statistics, probabilities, formations most likely to be run, what they will do against us, and everything in between. With all this information, if studied right, it enables a person to play fast and with confidence. So if the strength and speed built in the weight room and the confidence and quickness from the mental part are combined, it allows me to be as talented as I can take it, and with my coaches’ motivation, will hopefully be very far.

SS– What drill, and please describe it if you can, do you feel right now is at the top of your daily priority list?

ZP– There are many drills during a two hour + practice, but the one I like the most and feel really helps me mentally and physically is the two-minute drill. We had switched it from the end of practice to the beginning, which just adds a lot more hype for that drill, and the drills after. I think it is at the top of my priorities because it incorporates all the smaller fundamental drills that have been worked on for so long. I also rank it high, because at the end of the day, a game is the most important thing throughout the week, and the two-minute drill is the closest thing to that and the excitement that comes along with it. We call it the two-minute drill, yet usually there are about 50 seconds on the clock and the ball may be at midfield or closer. The offense goes at a very high tempo and calls are being yelled out and people are running around like crazy, so it is a very good drill for all the players and coaches to get locked in and ready for the game, in the closest thing to a game situation.

SS– What player has influenced you the most to becoming the player you are today?

ZP– I don’t think I ever really had a player that I said I wanted to be like. I had a few favorite players like John Elway and Peyton Manning, but not a player I said I wanted to be. If I were to say I wanted to be like someone, it would have to be all the humble, honest, and hardworking players. There were a lot of players who I liked and wanted to play like in the sense of working hard, the way they interview, and overall play. However, I don’t think I could pin it down to any one player. I continue to find guys at high levels who stay humble and play hard, and those are the guys I would hope to be like.

SS– Growing up did you ever consider focusing on another sport more than football?

ZP– I started playing football about as early as one could get into a sport, so I have been through about every stage so far. Starting at the of six in flag football, transitioning to tackle ball, then finally heading to the “Friday Night Lights.” I played baseball all the way up until last year, as well as a few years of basketball sprinkled in here and there, but I don’t think it has ever crossed my mind to do anything other than football. I run track currently, and sometimes feel bad for the track coach, because even though I am committed and giving a lot of attention and time to his sport, he knows that football is what I do and if something comes up pertaining to that, football will always take priority.

SS– For the hundred-thousands of other high school football players out there, what is one lift in the weight room that is a must-do in order to set themselves apart from their competitors?

ZP– I am no strength expert, but I feel like the lift any high schooler has to put into his routine is the clean, whether that be power or hang. Bench is very good, but  have seen guys with huge arms and big bench numbers who can’t run or be explosive. Squat is also another great lift, but again I have seen kids with amazing squat numbers, and not be able to move around or explode. A lot of it also depends on form as some kids at lifting competitions squat a lot but can’t bend at all disabling them from moving very well. I do think that clean is the best main lift a person can do for football. It combines an aggressive pull with the arms and shoulders, and explosive jump or shooting of the legs, and a quick and powerful follow through leading into a front squat. I don’t think I have ever seen someone who can’t properly hang clean a good number and not move on the field. It is such an explosive movement that incorporates power and plyometrics. So if I were to start a workout routine, clean will definitely be at the top of my priorities.

SS – What artist and song gets you hyped 100% of the time just before competition? 

ZP– I listen to a variety of songs throughout the day, depending on how I’m feeling or what mindset I want to get into. I have, in a way, developed a routine though. After school whether I go home or stay in the locker room, I will usually listen to some older songs. Old songs as in DMX, old Lil Wayne, old Eminem, or just some football hype songs in general. As it gets closer to game time, though, I like to plug in my phone to the team speaker system and play some hype Christian rap songs. I play artists like Trip Lee, Lecrae, Derek Minor, KB, and Andy Mineo. At first I was thinking that there wasn’t going to be as much hype in the locker room if I played this new type of music, but I don’t think there was any drop off at all when I started playing it, and I think some guys even liked it more. That has encouraged me to play more of that type of music, plus, our coach likes it because he doesn’t have to worry about cussing or stuff of that nature.


Thanks again to Zack Pedersen and all of the high school athletes who dedicate a good amount of time to be successful in their sport!

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ScoreStream’s Ones To Watch- Mahkai Lee

ScoreStream’s goal with Ones To Watch is to connect the high school sports fans with some of the best, most promising high school athletes in the nation. In our inaugural edition we have interviewed Mahkai Lee. Mahkai is an incoming junior at DuPont High School in Wilmington, DE. An athletic cornerback that had a stellar sophomore season; he started 6 games and averaged 4.3 tackles per game. You can follow Mahkai on Twitter @leeisland_ and check out his highlights from last season on hudl. Follow DuPont High School on ScoreStream.


SS– How long have you been playing football and what got you interested in playing?

ML– I’ve been playing football ever since I was 5, and I got so interested in playing football because my father talked about his favorite team the “New York Jets” all the time and it got me interested in the game, and I wanted to play it.
SS– What or who would you say contributes most to you becoming a talented football player?
ML– My father and my extended family Nolimit Hurricanes Organization and Team Delaware coached by Damon Daniels and Bo Hunter.
SS– What player has most influenced the player you are?
ML– Darrelle Revis because he came from a town just like Delaware and he wasn’t the highest recruit in the nation and his play style remind me of my own, I always loved him and looked up to him and learned new things from him. 
SS– Growing up, did you always want to be a CB or was there another position you wanted to play more?
ML– Growing up I always knew I wanted to play CB that was the first position a coach ever started me at and I already had a long body type that could go against a lot of receivers so  I fell in love with it and just kept excelling at the position.
SS– You’re a Tiger! If you got to choose your school mascot, what would it be?
ML– If I could choose any mascot it would have to be a lion just because they don’t fear anyone and they never give up and I always consider myself “lion hearted”. 
SS– The say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Are you an eggs or pancake sort of guy?
ML– I’m most definitely a pancake type of person I absolutely love pancakes and they never fail to fill me up. 

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National Signing Day for the 2015 high school football class is less than a month a way. With teams making a push to get the top prospects, our friends at take a close look at the top uncommitted candidates from each region!

Where these players land will shape the landscape for college football’s incoming classes. Find out who Rivals is most excited about seeing where they land here!

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Fox Sports West ’14 CIF-SS Best Moments

The season isn’t over, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a perfect time to show off the best moments of the year! Share your favorite moments on the app and we will share our favorite pictures!

To see the moments that Fox Sports West selected as the best, go here!

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FSW Prep zone’s Class 2A State Final Preview

Florida State Final’s are here! Amazing football has been played the entire season; teams have grindedand fought hard. Now Victory Christian and Indian Rocks Christian get to battle out to see who is crowned champion!

“Throw everything out on this one when it comes to experience playing in state championship games. That is not going to matter here. What is going to matter is those few plays that will make or break either teams chances.” 

To read the full analysis of both teams and the matchup, visit the article here!

Muck Bowl

There’s an area of Florida where the soil is so rich with nutrients that the consistency is almost like muck. While that area is known for the rich soil and the large amount of cane sugar grown in it, muck isn’t the only thing Western Palm Beach County is recognized for.

With 12 football State Championships between them, Glades Central and Pahokee high school have a long standing rivalry and a bowl game named after the area- The Muck Bowl.

Just 10 miles apart, these two schools have a tradition of football excellence. As noted by 3 Fish Productions in their documentary “The Muck Bowl”, it was reported that Glades Central had produced the more current NFL players than any other high school. While smaller, Pahokee had big names to boast about too. It’s storied that the boys in that area get stronger not only through practice, but also by chasing rabbits through the fields.

Since the playoff era beginning in 1963, Glades Central has made 31 playoff appearances and Pahokee has made 26. Each number is extremely impresive and this was best seen during a stretch in the 2000’s when either school seemed to be winning state titles or reaching the finals! The Muck bowl being a big step in defining their season resumes.

While Pahokee will miss the playoffs this year, you can expect a tough game and a huge crowd for this year’s Muck Bowl. A tradition that brings in sell out crowds and defines the true Friday Night Lights’ experience.

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– Information and history provided by Josh, the owner of

The Top User Submitted Images- October 13-19

Another great week of high school sports images. Make sure you submit your team’s photos on our ScoreStream app so we can promote your team and fans! Leave us comments on which is your favorite high school and youth sports image.

1. There’s not a more amazing site than the sun setting as the Legacy Tigers and the Migue Contreras Cobras prepared for Friday Night Lights! (Game recap here.) Photo from user Tigerfootball45.

Legacy 10-24


2. The Soldotna Stars celebrate their third straight year winning the First National Bowl in Alaska Medium School action! (Game recap here.) Photo by user

Soldotna 10-16 Soldotna Stars 10-24


3. Have to give love to the band who comes out to pump up the crowd and team up every game! Here’s a shot of the Bishop Alemany drum line and their team huddling around after a hard fought victory! (Game recap here.) Photo from user Bishop Alemany HS.

Drums 10-17 Alemany 10-17


4. When you win player of the game you get a sledgehammer? We aren’t sure but a Musselman Applemen of West Virginia posed with one and the game ball after their win against the Morgantown Mohigans! (Game recap here.) Photo from user Ganggreen.

Musselman Applemen 10-17


5. It was a black jerseys versus white jerseys throw down in Alaska as the Bartlett Golden Bears took on the South Anchorage Wolverines. The refs look like they are rooting for both teams! (Game recap here.) Photo from

Barlett 10-17 Bartlett 10-17

6. Every little girl wants to be a cheerleader and this little Grayson Rams’ fan celebrates their Homecoming victory shutout with a currently cheerleader! (Game recap here.) Photo from user ScottHopkins.

Grayson Rams 10-17


7. The Field Falcons of Mogadore,OH with a pumped-up entrance before their win against the Norton Panthers. This sort of excitement pumps us up! (Game recap here.) Photo by user ASAP_Louie00.

Field 10-17


8. In WNEP action, the Dunmore Bucks band lines up to get the crowd motivated during their win against Western Wayne Wildcats (Game recap here.) Photos from user Cholkom.

Dunmore 10-17

9. The Regis Rams provided some festive October decorations for their Senior night game over JFK Trojans in Oregon football action! Best of luck to all Seniors moving on past their high school sports career. (Game recap here.) Photo from user @Dheuberger.

Regis Rams Senior day 10-17


10. When those Friday Night Lights turn on and the opening kick off is about to happen, everything else just goes away! The Southern Columbia Tigers get ready for their opening kickoff against the Lewisburg Green Dragons. The Tigers prevailed in the Friday Pennsylvania action. (Game recap here.) Photo by user Twilcox30.

Southern Columbia 10-17

11. Soccer playoffs are in full swing and it was a shootout in Nashville, TN as the Cane Ridge Ravens edge out the Overton Bobcats 6-5. Amazing pic of first half action! (Game recap here.) Photo by user Bobcatbeat.

overton 10-17


12. It was a hard fought game in Ohio football action as the Fredericktown Freddies narrowly defeated the Centerburg Trojans. Our users got in close and brought us some amazing game action shots! (Game recap here.) Photo by user @John_Wareham.

Freddies 10-16 fred 10-16


13. Love the intense crowd for high school volleyball Sectional action in Colorado Springs, CO as he Pine Creek Eagles defeat the Rampart Rams to move forward. 

Pine Creek 10-24

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WNEP Super 16 – Week 8

As part of our effort to ensure users have the best high school sports coverage, we are sharing articles from the media partners who use ScoreStream for their local youth sports coverage. Follow WNEP (Twitter- @WNEPSports) as the provide the most in-depth, exciting football coverage for the Scranton area in Pennsylvania.

Crestwood and North Schuylkill continue to dominate the top spots with undefeated records! Will anyone dethrone them before the season is over? Our friends at WNEP 16 are using ScoreStream to track all of the action to find out. Check out their Scranton area, Pennsylvania high school football rankings in their weekly Super 16.

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