USA Today- State Championship Called A Tie?!

The championship! They have spent their entire season preparing for this. The hard work, long practices, injuries, sweat, yelling, teamwork, and pride…. It’s all for this one game. The chance to be crowned champion for that year.

On Saturday in Connecticut, the girls hockey teams from Simsbury and East Catholic/Glastonbury/South Windsor faced off for a chance to be the champ. You could hear the intensity in the crowd and the teams.

Regulation ends in a tie. Sudden death overtime. The fans are on their feet. The parents are nervous. Cheering on their daughters and hoping to return home with a victory.

The first overtime ends. Still tied. Second overtime. Exhaustion is overtaken by adrenaline. Everything is being left on the ice. The second overtime ends still tied.

As the crowd continues to pump their team up, the referee comes to center ice. Game over. It’s a tie!

There is yelling, muttering in the crowd, utter confusion on how the championship game can be declared a tie! And us fans at home, just as confused! How can a championship game be a tie?!

For the full story and analysis from USA Today on this crazy event, click here!


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