New Haven Shamrocks 9-5

The Top Images From the Week of September 1st

Another great week of high school sports images. Make sure you submit your team’s photos on our ScoreStream app so we can promote your team and fans! Leave us comments on which is your favorite high school and youth sports image.

1. The Florida Friday night sky over the Winter Haven Blue Devils’ stadium in their game against the Lakeland Dreadnaughts (Game recap here). Photo from user Cubsfan09.

Lakeland Dreadnaughts 9-5

2. The Mesquite Skeeters sideline in their home matchup against the Garland Owls (Game recap here). Photo from user LoLo.

Mesquite Skeeters 9-5

3. The Jesuit High School Tigers ready for offense against the Lakewood Ranch Mustangs (Game recap here). Photo from user @AndrewMounce.

Jesuit Tigers 9-5

4. Mighty Manatee Hurricanes rushing for a touchdown in their win against the Seminole Fighting Seminoles (Game recap here). Photo from user Manatee Football.

Manatee Rushing tf 9-5

5. Happy Sylvan Hills Bears’ fans after their win against the Vilonia Eagles (Game recap here). Photo from user Keyysims.

Sylvan Hills Bears 9-5

6. The Jordan Elbridge Eagles win in a close matchup against Thousand Islands Vikings (Game recap here). Photo from user KFMoocow.

Jordan Elbridge Eagles 9-5

7. A powerful, excited Sandburg Eagles in their away win against the Andrew Thunderbolts (Game recap here). Photo from user JakeDaDrumGod.

Sandburg Eagles fans 9-5

8. The Liberty Lions in a big win over the Mountain Ridge Mountain Lions (Game recap here). Photo from user Edge.

Liberty Lions 9-5

9. A battle of the Oklahoma Moores as Westmoore High School Jaguars win against the Moore Lions (Game recap here). Photo from user Shane Labeth.

Westmoore Jaguars 9-5

10. A big away win for the Georgiana High School Panthers against the Florala Wildcats (Game recap here). Photo by user Bambam2015.

Georgiana Panthers 9-5

11. The look of victory on the New Haven Shamrocks volleyball team after they win against the Montgomery County Wildcats (Game recap here). Photo via @Quick_News_Now.

New Haven Shamrocks 9-5

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How ScoreStream Came To Be

I grew up in the area east of Los Angeles commonly referred to as the Inland Empire. More specifically, I grew up in the city of Rialto. When I was growing up, we had a local superstar athlete who many thought would go on to future success. His name was Ronnie Lott (@RonnieLottHOF). He did in fact go on to become famous after attending Eisenhower High School, first at USC and then later as a Hall of Fame player with the San Francisco 49ers.

My high school, Eisenhower, was not only the home to players like Ronnie Lott, but the entire Inland Empire sent many players on to careers in a variety of professional sports and continues to do so to this day. Another Eisenhower alumni, Ryan Clady (@RyanClady), is currently the left tackle for the Denver Broncos.

As a kid growing up in the Inland Empire, my Saturday ritual included waking up in the morning and reading through the write-ups of all the high school football games from the previous night. It was part of what gave you a sense of what was happening in your community. Unfortunately, as time has passed, the newspaper industry in many places has simply been unable to continue to cover many local teams. The interest of the fans has never disappeared, just the newspapers and journalists that covered it. While that is not the case in every city, and certainly not in most of the state of Texas, it is the case in many places that even to this day produce some of the top athletes in the world, like the Inland Empire.

We started ScoreStream with a couple of pretty simple ideas. First, fans are both willing and able to share the scores of their teams with other fans. Second, we felt that we could harness the power of social media and smartphones, to capture the scores and conversations about games and provide a way for fans to follow the action in real-time. Third, we felt that models like Wikipedia and Waze provided a framework that could be leveraged to capture the majority of the 7,000 high school football games that happen every weekend in fall.

So how has that worked out?

Our first year we managed to score roughly 2,000 games across the country with a few of us testing this idea. We worked with The Mighty 1090 (@Mighty1090) in San Diego and Prep2Prep (@Prep2PrepSports) in the Bay area, both of whom remain great partners to this day.

Building on this we really started to focus on building the framework to expand coverage nationally on a real time basis. While it wasn’t always pretty, we did manage to score roughly 20,000 games that second year. Like the first year, we learned a ton and based on how fast we were growing, we managed to establish some pretty impressive partnerships that I will share in my next post.

This last off season, we did a ton of core work to try to truly cover the country in real-time and deliver on the original idea we had two seasons ago. We still have a lot of work to do, but I can’t tell you how excited we were this last weekend when we covered over 4,800 games this last weekend which you can see in this map. Stay tuned for more next week!

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 9.12.51 AM

New Bern interception

The Top Images From The Week of August 25th

Our users have been submitting amazing game-time photographs using our app. In honor of them, we are using our blog to highlight some of our favorites every week! Make sure you submit your team’s photos on our ScoreStream app so we can promote your team and fans! Leave us comments on which is your favorite high school and youth sports image.

1. New Bern Bears hauling in an interception. Photo from user Colfish and C. Gosnell.

New Bern interception

2.The Liberty Lions listen to their coach after a close win. Photo from user JeffEdge.

Liberty Lions 8-29

3.The Potomac Falls High School band plays at half. Photo from user RJPanther12.

Pot Falls Band

4. Pop Warner Poway Titan’s player before the game. Photo from user Derrick.

Poway Pop Warner

5. The West Forsyth Titans getting ready to receive a kickoff from the RB Glenn Bobcats. Photo from user Trahan2.

RB Glenn kickoff 8-29

6. Friday night lights in Klein, Texas as the Panthers take on the Cy Falls Eagles. Photo from user CFEagles.

Cy Falls Lights

7. The Greensville County Eagles before their game. Photo from user Dejuan.Smith.125.

Greensville County 8-29

8. A battle of the Cardinals as Melissa high school volleyball prepare for the Pottsboro serve. Photo from user Kmelcher.

Melissa Cardinals 8-29

9. Perfect timing on the touchdown catch by the East Anchorage Thunderbirds. Photo by user ElmoreLaws.

East Anchorage 8-29

10. A young, happy Erie Tigers fan in Colorado. Photo from user TigerFootball.

Erie County Tigers 8-29


Remember to post your images on our free ScoreStream app every week so we can highlight your team!