ScoreStream Local Sports API

Today we would like to announce the availability of the ScoreStream Local Sports API. Over the last several years we have received numerous requests to gain access to our API.  Up until now we have only made the API available to a few select partners.


The ScoreStream API will be available to partners who desire automated access to ScoreStream’s data for display in custom formats, whether online, mobile, television, or print. The API supports both an HTTPS Json REST interface and an HTTPS WebSocket interface.


Based on the volume of requests and the quality and quantity of our data, we are now making our API available on a commercial basis to interested parties. We will provide access to the API for a fee based on certain factors, such as the type and quantity of content, market and/or audience size, and the intended manner of display. Access will generally include real-time scoring data, as well as photos, videos, and social engagement. Real-time scoring data typically includes sport, gender, team A, team B, logos or varsity letters, period (quarter, period, inning, etc.) time stamp and geo-location.


In addition to the API, we will continue to allow partners to display our data via our current “cut-and-paste” web widgets (See example above). The white label widgets will function as our current widgets, but allow for prominent custom branding for our partners and/or their advertisers.


ScoreStream’s content is crowd-sourced, so there are a few things to consider when determining whether our data set is appropriate for your purposes. There are essentially two buckets of data that we can provide via our platform:


Data Set 1 – High School Sports Data. We crowd-source 10,000 to 15,000 high school games each week from the middle of August through the end of May. This data is syndicated widely to media partners and the Associated Press, and is validated through a number of mechanisms to ensure accuracy. This data is typically used for real-time web widgets, broadcast tickers and other applications that are time sensitive and require a high degree of accuracy.


Data Set 2 – Everything else. Our users schedule and score games at all levels. This includes international, pro, college, junior college and semi-pro sports, as well as youth and club sports. We do not employ the same validation methodology for this data, nor do we track the data sets for completeness.  However, due to the size and engagement of our audience, we do source timely, accurate scores across a wide range of games at all levels. You may find this data set provides a cost-effective alternative to more established data providers, particularly as relates to local professional and collegiate sports.


Going forward, our partners will continue to have access to our GameManger and GameScheduler tools at no cost, allowing them to easily schedule and update games in real time. Our platform is also designed to easily add new organizations, leagues and clubs. If you would like us to add a league or set of teams, just let us know. 


If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to reach out to us at for complete documentation and access to a temporary developer key for testing purposes. In your email it would be helpful to describe your media, use case, market/audience size and any other relevant details that can help provide you with cost effective data