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ScoreStream’s Players To Watch-Camryn Woodall


ScoreStream is thrilled to present our next Player to Watch, Camryn Woodall, a senior softball standout from Keller High School in Keller, Texas. Woodall is currently leading her team as the starting 2B captain for Keller Varsity Softball through the fifth round of 6A playoffs to the Regional I Finals this week. She had six hits and nine RBI’s this past weekend in the Regional Semi-Final series against Plano East. Woodall has racked up her fair share of awards in her high school career, including District 5-6A First Team All District her Freshman and Sophomore year and District 5-6A MVP Junior Year. She has also earned DFW Fastpitch Freshman of the Year, 6A State Championship All-Tournament Team, Texas Sports Writers Association All State, Dallas Morning News First Team All Area Team, DFW Fastpitch First Team All Metroplex Team, and Star Telegram First Team All Area Team, all before her senior year! She maintains an extremely noteworthy .448 batting average in her high school career thus far. Woodall will be continuing her softball career at the University of Utah in the fall. We caught up with Woodall between innings with this quick Q&A!

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SS: How and when did you become interested in playing softball?

CW: I first became interested in the sport as a little six year old girl. My dad has told me stories of trips to Toys-R-Us when I would beg him to buy me the pink softball glove and he finally gave in. I made him back the cars out of the garage and we would spend hours together playing catch and counting how many we could throw without dropping the ball. Little did we both know, that is where it would all begin.

SS: What player has influenced you the most in becoming the player you are today?

CW: I don’t think I can give credit to just one player or person that has helped me become the player I am today, but I really enjoy watching and learning from Hannah Flippen. She is a senior at the University of Utah right now and she has accomplished so much in her four years. She came in and started as a freshman and earned PAC-12 Player of the Year two years in a row. I am really looking forward to working with her when I get to Utah in the fall.

SS: What has been your favorite memory of high school softball thus far?

CW: My favorite memories from come from my junior year of high school. It is an entirely different feeling playing on a team with the instinctual ability to want to win no matter what. Every girl understood her role and played for the girl next to her. We should sing on the bus rides, goof around in hotels while in playoffs, and just always enjoyed being with each other.

SS: Do you have any pre-game rituals that get you hyped up for game day?

CW: Always before away games we jam out with a speaker on the bus and get pumped up with our favorite songs. We also have a ritual before each game where we chant, “together we’re stronger,” which helps reinforce why we are there and that it is going to take every single one of us to win.

SS: Congratulations on your recent signing to the University of Utah to continue your softball career as a college athlete! What are you most excited about playing college softball?

CW: I am beyond excited to be starting a new chapter in Salt Lake City with a new group of girls and coaches. I am most excited for the amount of information that I am going to have the opportunity to absorb. It will be a challenge, but I know that I am going in with an excellent support group that will help me through every step of the way!


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ScoreStream’s #NextLadyLegend Finalist: Alexa Russo

 We are excited to introduce you to our next finalist from the #NextLadyLegends campaign! We will continue to release interviews for each finalist, and beginning the week of March 20th YOU will have your chance to vote for our NATIONAL WINNER! Read more about this campaign here, read ALL of our finalist interviews here and check out the action on twitter using #NextLadyLegend.



In the past, the bulk of ScoreStream’s #NextLadyLegend finalists were signed, committed, and just about ready to leave for the college of their choice. However that isn’t the case for our next finalist. Only a sophomore at Tampa Catholic, Alexa Russo has already accumulated multiple Division I offers by regularly proving to be a unique athlete. In her freshman year, she posted an impressive .542 batting average with 3 home runs and was named the MVP of her class! As a Sophomore, she is currently batting .667 with 1 home run. We were recently able to speak to Alexa’s High School coach, Jackie Hirschfeld. She described Alexa as, “A natural born leader both on and off the field…that has been flawless this year.” After talking with her coach, we knew we had to catch up with Alexa and inquire with her about the pandemonium she is creating!

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SS: How did you begin playing sports?

AR: I began playing baseball when I was about four years old. Around that time, my mom also enrolled me in a ballet class. After that class, I had to break the news to her that I wanted to be on the field and not in the studio. My father and uncle both played professional baseball, so naturally I grew up around the sport and was always surrounded by ball players. I played for my dad and uncle in the their travel-ball league until I was in the 7th grade. After that I made the switch to playing softball.

SS: When you think of Women’s History Month what comes to mind?

AR: I think of the all iconic women we know today. Each one of them fought for women’s rights during a time when the odds were definitely stacked against them. Because of the strides they made, women in today’s world have the opportunity to make a larger impact in society than ever before.

SS: Favorite professional female athlete?

AR: Jennie Finch! She is my favorite female athlete because she has worked extremely hard and is deserving for all of her accolades. I really look up to her because she knew how to control the game and she was the first women’s softball player that I watched compete.

SS: What lesson have you learned from playing that you carry along in every day life?

AR: You need to work hard for anything you want in life. I always try to remember that I can do anything I set my mind to! Especially when the odds are against me, I just remember to keep fighting. You can always come back and win if you are down.

SS: It’s game day, what is your go to method for getting in the zone?

AR: I try to stay loose, have fun, and hang out with my teammates. Sometimes there can be a lot of pressure associated with playing sports. I just try to have fun and motivate my teammates in anyway I can.

 SS: Is there any emoji that describes you and your teammates?

 AR: 🔥😂 My teammates and I are always laughing and having a great time together. We do our best to stay lit and as a unit we make a lot of priceless memories both on and off the field!

You can follow Alexa on twitter @alexarusssoo and check out her softball highlights, games, scores, for the next few years on ScoreStream

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ScoreStream’s #NextLadyLegend Finalist: Danielle Lung


We are elated to introduce you to our next finalist from the #NextLadyLegends campaign! We will continue to release interviews for each finalist every few days, so check back in! Beginning the week of March 20th YOU will have your chance to vote for our NATIONAL WINNER! Read more about this campaign here, read ALL of our finalist interviews here and check out the action on twitter using #NextLadyLegend.


Imagine yourself stepping up to the plate in the sweltering heat of California’s central valley. The air is dry as the sun bears down upon you. Your eyes struggle to focus on the pitcher as the heat transforms into waves that blur your vision. You coil up and prepare to swing as the pitcher begins her motion. All of a sudden, BAM, you hear a smack against the back of the catchers mitt. The umpire calls a STRIKE, then another, and in a short time you’re nothing more than another tick in Danielle Lung’s strikeout count. On any given day, this is the real life scenario for batters that face Lung in the pitchers circle. Last year she averaged 10 strikeouts a game and had a staggering 1.05 era. In between innings, ScoreStream was able to catch up with the Clovis high school star and ask her a few questions in our next #NextLadyLegend‘s Finalist’s Q&A.

SS: How did you begin playing sports?

DL: I began playing sports when I was about 5 years old. My mom enrolled me in an indoor soccer league and ever since then I have been infatuated with sports! I’ve played soccer, volleyball, basketball, track, and softball. Needless to say, I liked softball the most so I stuck with it.

SS: What do you think of when you think of Women’s History Month♀?

DL: When I think of women’s rights, I reflect on how much more women are allowed to do today compared to in the past. I also think about how women today are constantly accomplishing amazing things that people in the past never imagined we could do.

SS: What players or coaches have most influenced you to be the player you are today?

DL: Jeff Theisen! He is the coach that I would say has without a doubt influenced me to most! He was my soccer coach and asked me one day if I was interested in trying softball. I decided to give it a try and loved it! He also coached softball and became my coach shortly after. From there he was responsible for getting me into pitching.

SS: If you were going to choose one emoji to describe yourself/team, what would it be and why?

DL: I would have to choose 😼  because we are the cougars and we are intimidating, Rarrrr!!!

You can follow Danielle on twitter @DanielleLung and check out her softball highlights on hudl. Don’t forget to keep up with her games for Clovis High School, scores, and highlights this year on ScoreStream.

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