ScoreStream’s #NextLadyLegend Finalist: Taylor York

We are excited to introduce you to our next finalist from the #NextLadyLegends campaign! We will continue to release interviews for each finalist, and beginning the week of March 20th YOU will have your chance to vote for our NATIONAL WINNER! Read more about this campaign here, read ALL of our finalist interviews here and check out the action on twitter using #NextLadyLegend.



From the San Luis Obispo County, California, ScoreStream is proud to present to you our #NextLadyLegend finalist Taylor York. York is Arroyo Grande’s secret south paw’d weapon. She is a counter attack specialist that has an innate ability to simply “out-swim” the opposition. We were drawn to her through a video we found of her nailing a cross cage top corner bar in! After she helped her team post an incredible 7-0 league record we were able to catch up with her and ask her some aquatic questions we thought some of our viewers may have.

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SS: How did you begin playing sports?

TY: I began playing sports in first grade when my parents signed me up for soccer. I was definitely competitive but I quickly found out that I am not much of a “land animal”, I have weak ankles and terrible balance. It wasn’t until my freshman year that I decided to walk onto the water polo team and I’ve been hooked ever since.

SS: What do you think of when you think of Women’s History Month?

TY: When I think of Women’s History Month I think of female empowerment. Sometimes I find myself taking for granted the struggles that Women through history have endured in order to give me the life I am able to live today. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to compete on a sports team or be able to be a leader with a voice. If it wasn’t for The Women’s Suffrage Movement and every woman who stood up, my life would be drastically different.

SS: What female in your life is the most inspirational?

TY: My mom is the most inspirational female in my life because she is a natural born leader. She has a gift of getting people to rally behind a certain cause to better the community or our future. Above all she cares about every single person and puts everyone else’s needs above her own.

SS: Any emoji that describes you and your teammates?

TY: If I had to pick one emoji to describe my my team it would be 😂. At times we can be incredibly serious but one of the things that set us apart from other teams is how close we are and our team dynamic. We really had an incredible ability to come together and have the best time with each other.

SS: It’s game day, what is your go to method for getting in the zone?

TY: My go to method for getting in the zone is to visualize myself making plays, that helps me really think about what I’m doing and prepare mentally for the game. It reminds me of what to do in certain situations to optimize scoring opportunities.

SS: What is your go to method when creating a scoring opportunity?

TY: My method for creating a good scoring opportunity is to gain a positional advantage and then out swim the opponent. Speed is my specialty, and that usually creates a good counter attack scoring opportunity.

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