ScoreStream’s #NextLadyLegend Finalist: Danielle Jenkins

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When athletes play, they often claim they can’t hear the crowd cheering, booing, or attempting to distract them. Sports psychologist call it, “playing in the zone.” No one knows that silent zone better than goalies. Goalies have to play with the weight of the world on their shoulder and are often labeled as a God or a GOAT. They are instrumental in making key plays that more often than not, determine the fate of the game. Once such goalie is Arroyo Grande’s Danielle Jenkins. Jenkins was nominated as a #NextLadyLegend shortly after making an impressive 28 saves for her team in a win against the Temple City Rams. On top of that, she blocked an impressive 71.7% of the shots that were taken last season. As well as making saves on over 60% of her team’s man down (5 on 6) possessions. ScoreStream was able to catch up with her and ask her some questions we thought our viewers may have.

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SS: How did you begin playing sports?

DJ: I started playing sports when I was young. I have always been infatuated with water so naturally I have been drawn to aquatic activities. It doesn’t matter if its a pool, ocean, or a lake. All I cared about was being in it. You could say I am a fish at heart! I even have the birthmark to prove it.

SS: What is your go to approach on a penalty shot?

DJ: When a 5-meter penalty shot gets awarded, I immediately get “laser focused” and in “the zone”. All my attention is dedicated to the girl with the ball and the referee with the whistle.

SS: It’s game day, what is your go to method for getting in the zone?

DJ: During the day I go about my life as normal as possible. I do my best to not to think about the game or stress over it. When I get to the pool deck, I immediately get pumped by talking to my teammates, bantering back and forth, and just over all joking around.

SS: What comes to mind when you think of Women’s History Month?

DJ: I think about all the woman that are empowered through the recognition they receive during Woman’s History Month! Every year that it is acknowledged is a giant step into a more equal society between men and women.

SS: What lesson have you learned from playing that you carry along in every day life?

DJ: I first started playing water polo in 7th grade and I immediately thought it was a lot of fun and that continued into 8th grade. However, when I got to the end of my 8th grade year I wasn’t so sure I could make the high school team. I didn’t think I was good enough and weary about playing at the next level. My parents and coach convinced me into staying in it for one more year and we agreed that if I still didn’t like it, then I could quit. Despite my initial feelings, once I started playing in high school I realized how much I loved it. After that I learned that you should never give anything up without trying. It is impossible to know what you can accomplish if you don’t give it an honest try.

SS: Is there any emoji that describes you and your teammates?

DJ: I don’t think just one emoji could even come close to accurately describing my team or I. But a few might, those would most likely be..🙄😜😂


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