ScoreStream’s #NextLadyLegend Finalist: Haley Brown


We are excited to introduce you to our next finalist from the #NextLadyLegends campaign! We will continue to release interviews for each finalist, and beginning the week of March 20th YOU will have your chance to vote for our NATIONAL WINNER! Read more about this campaign here, read ALL finalist interviews here and check out the action on twitter using #NextLadyLegend.

ScoreStream is honored to present the next finalist in our Next Lady Legends contest, Haley Brown from Las Lomas High School in Walnut Creek, CA. Brown is a relentless attacking center-midfielder who led her team as captain to a DAL league title in her senior season with a 16-2-1 record, achieving 27 goals and 11 assists. She has collected both a North Coast Section championship and runner-up title, in addition to an all-league MVP honor during her successful high school career. She is best known for her unstoppable header goals, that allow her to jump above the rest and place the ball into the corner of the net on crucial set plays. Brown will be continuing her athletic and academic career at Cal State Fullerton next year, where she hopes to push herself and work hard to help the team win a Big West Championship. We were lucky enough to score a Q&A with this soccer superstar, check out what she has to say!

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SS: How and when did you begin playing soccer ⚽️ ?

HB: I started playing recreational soccer in first grade. My mom signed me up so I could have something to do, and I absolutely fell in love with the game.

SS: What lessons have you learned from playing that you carry along in everyday life?

HB: Soccer has taught me to never make excuses. Yes, there are times when I don’t want to go running because I’m feeling lazy, but I know that the girls that I will be playing against are out there working their hardest even if they are feeling lazy too. In school, I might feel lazy when it comes to completing an assignment or studying for a test. Rather than making an excuse, I just do it so that when it comes time for the test, I don’t regret the lack of studying I did.

SS: As a female athlete, do you think there are any misconceptions about women’s sports?

HB: I don’t think people realize how intense and physical soccer games are. I think a lot of people believe that boys games are harder, but ultimately they are the same game. Boys who play sports might be larger and stronger, but girls soccer games are very physically and mentally demanding.

SS: What is your go to method when creating a scoring opportunity out on the field?

HB: I can usually score header goals off of free-kicks and crosses because of my height. I like scoring off crosses, but I can also score once in a while off long shots outside the 18 yard box. I like to assist goals too by sending good through balls to fast forwards who can finish them in the net!

SS: If you were going to choose one emoji to describe yourself, what would it be and why?

HB: I would describe myself as the red hot chili pepper emoji because my hair is red and I’m fiery and spicy like a pepper! Hot Pepper on Apple iOS 10.2

SS: What woman do you think is changing her sport?

HB: I think Carli Lloyd from the US Women’s National Team is changing her sport, because she is a strong woman who has earned respect for her ability to excel in the game of soccer. When she makes big time plays in big time moments, people aren’t focusing on the fact that she is a woman, but are in awe of her incredible athletic talents as an individual.

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You can follow Haley on twitter @haleybrown123. Don’t forget to keep up with her games, scores, and highlights when she plays soccer at Cal State Fullerton next year on ScoreStream!

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