ScoreStream’s #NextLadyLegend Finalist: Kaila Stoltzfus


We at ScoreStream are proud to reveal our next finalist, Kaila Stoltzfus, from Garden Spot High School in New Holland, PA. Stoltzfus has been playing basketball since the first grade, and she is so passionate about the sport that she also enjoys watching it and coaching in her free time. As a shooting guard for her high school team, she played an important leadership role in her senior season by inspiring her teammates with positivity on and off the court. When she’s not playing basketball, Stoltzfus likes to spend time on her family’s dairy farm where they house over 180 cows! In the fall of every year, she even competes in national shows across the country to show them off. Stoltzfus is excited to continue her academic and athletic career at Lancaster Bible College next year playing basketball. Just before tip-off, we were able to shoot some questions to Kaila about her high school basketball career!


SS: It’s GAME DAY! How do you get in the zone to prepare?

KS: Team meals! One of the best parts about game day is the team meal that we get to eat together. I’m extremely thankful for all the moms on our team that make delicious food for us to get fueled up for game-time.

SS: What is your go to method when creating a scoring opportunity out there on the court?

KS: You definitely have to use your teammates. You cannot just go out onto the court and expect to score all the points on your own. To me, assists are just as important as points.

SS: What female athlete do you think is changing her sport and why?

KS: Mo’ne Davis is a woman who I believe is doing her best to change her sport. Along with basketball, baseball is my favorite sport. I love how she is able to go out and play baseball, which is primary a male sport, and excel like it is no big deal to her. She is truly an inspiration!

SS: What is the most memorable moment of your high school basketball career thus far?

KS: My senior night. Going into the game, everyone was asking me, “Are you ready?” I just played like it was any other game because I could not let my emotions get out of control. It was still emotional, leaving a court that you spent the past four years working hard on. However, it definitely motivated me and the other seniors to get the win that night. We were playing a team that we had previously lost to by 14 points, but we got revenge with a 36-28 win! The moment when the buzzer went off was by far the best moment in my high school career. After I came out of the locker room, I walked into the silent gym and took it all in one last time.

SS: What emoji best describes you and your teammates?

KS: A heart ❤️.  My team has been through a lot on and off the court, but the moment we walk off, we leave together as best friends.

SS: What are your athletic and academic aspirations for after high school?

KS: I will be continuing my education and basketball career at Lancaster Bible College. I will be studying business, inspired by my aspiration to work in the healthcare administration some day!


You can keep up with Kaila on twitter @kailastoltzfus, and follow along with her collegiate basketball team Lancaster Bible College next year on ScoreStream!

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